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Twitter’s design to renovate after headache complaints

Aug 17, 2021 BY SHUBHAM MANE

Twitter’s design to renovate after headache complaints

The new design of the app and website has not been received well by many.

Although some have complained that their eyes are strained, there is a very common saying in regards to fads: "What goes up must come down."

Twitter's new app and site design has been met with criticism, as users have complained that the high-contrast colors are giving them headaches. The company will be redesigning its font to a more standardized one called Chirp in response to the feedback they've received so far from their audience.

Twitter has announced a redesign that could be jarring at first, but will ultimately improve users' experience. Visual clutter was removed to allow for easier reading and it's rumored the old font is coming back!

The changes to the design of the app and website were made so that it would be more accessible for people with vision problems. The high contrast between background and text has been a problem, though, because some are experiencing eye strain as well.

If you follow a lot of Twitter users, chances are good that there have been more than one occasion where the text on your news site appeared in such stark contrast to everything else around it.

According to TechCrunch's recent article about accessibility standards and what makes up an accessible site for everyone with disabilities, this is because they've exceeded the minimum level set by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines which recommends how we can make our websites accessible.

Twitter has announced that it will be introducing a new set of design changes to make the experience "easier on the eyes". The company also noted that there were issues with its Chirp font for Windows users, and they are actively working at fixing them.

Many people with disabilities have complained about the new features, claiming they are inaccessible. One user noted that those who suffer from dyslexia and astigmatism will be unable to read tweets in bold font, while color-blind or migraine sufferers won't find it easy on their eyes when looking at a black background.

In response to a string of complaints, the company said they're listening. They also revealed that their designers are currently working on "some features" in order to make our experience more customizable with changes an option and not default.

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