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Twitter rolls out ‘super follows’ a paid subscription option


Twitter rolls out ‘super follows’ a paid subscription option

After testing the super follows option plan in a beta version in June, Twitter has decided to launch the opportunity for its users from today onwards. This will have a monthly subscription option

 This feature will allow the users to subscribe to an account they are interested in by paying monthly subscription charges in exchange for the quality and exclusive content of their interest.

Super follows could be a valuable tool for quality content creators to monetize their content across various social media platforms.

 Twitter accounts that are Eligible can set their price for subscriptions with the option of charging $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99 per month. These prices are fair compared to the paid news subscriptions in the market.

 Account owners can mark some exclusive tweets for subscribers and continue to tweet for their unpaid followers in the regular tweets.

 Paid subscribers will be rewarded with a special super follower badge highlighted in purple color. This will differentiate the regular unpaid followers from the paid followers.

This is currently in the early stage of this option, and right now, access is able to limited creators. But Twitter is planning to expand the access very soon. This requires a specific set of qualifications –

  • The user profile must have at least 10k or more followers
  • The creator must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • The user profile must have tweeted a minimum of 25 within the last 30 days

 If the page owner meets the above requirements, he too can choose this option.

 Twitter officials have said that income from the super follow option will be subjected to a standard that is 30% in-app purchase fees will be collected by the application store. Twitter will collect only 3% of its earnings up to the first $50,000 generated from this platform. After reaching this benchmark, Twitter will collect a 20% cut.

This option is currently launched in the USA. Twitter is planning to expand this feature to other users as well.

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