Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Twitter launches super follows option to all IOS users.

Twitter launches super follows option to all IOS users.


Twitter launches super follows option to all IOS users.

Twitter has introduced the Super follows option on all its IOS platforms across the globe. This platform provides a potential motivation opportunity for the creators and Business enterprises. It provides a capability to get direct income sources from their major fans and followers.

 Initially, Twitter had rolled out this option in the Beta version back in September, which was available for limited users. Super follows option permits Twitter users with more than 10 Thousand followers to enable a monthly subscription fee, which is around 9.99 dollars per month, to receive an extra monetization that provides exclusive quality content to the subscribers.

 Once the User has activated this feature, creators are provided with a new super follower’s viewer’s selection option for their profile. This limits their exclusive content to the subscribers only.

 Super follows one of the many new creator monetization options which is under work. Twitter is also testing the following monetization options –


  • On profile tipping – This option is currently available to all Users above the age of 18. They are presently made available to IOS users.


  • Ticketed Space- This option is currently available for USA-based users who have more than One Thousand followers who have hosted a minimum of three spaces in the last 30 days.



  • Space funding – Twitter had initiated its Spark space funding project last week. This option will provide the selected participants with 2500 dollars per month to assist their audio, social content.


  • Revue newsletter links – This is not a direct monetization like other options. Still, Twitter has now made Revue newsletters link creators to promote their subscription offers to their subscribers. This is based on direct offerings on their profile and in the tweets.


Maybe if Twitter could emphasize more on exclusive such content and community building activity, this might change how users respond to such projects.

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