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Twitter for business | 5 tweaking marketing tactics


Twitter for business | 5 tweaking marketing tactics

Twitter is an online space for people to go and see what's happening in the world and discover something new. It is amongst the top five social media platforms globally, with an average of 200 million active users, making it the perfect place for brands to connect with what's trending and new product launches.

It is undeniably an extremely powerful channel to increase the online presence of your business. There are multiple benefits of Twitter for businesses to reach & connect with their audience. It is the go-to place for professionals to communicate with their clientele and prospects effectively. 

Why is Twitter a useful channel for building a persona?

Businesses of all types and sizes, from large to small and B2B to B2C, have been using Twitter extensively to grow their business. Another reason that encourages businesses to promote on this platform is that it costs very little for promotion. Additionally, it is quite easy to set up and maintain your Twitter business account. 

However, to succeed on this leading platform, you need to stand out and make a positive impression. But that can mean a lot of different things for the millions of businesses of every industry across Twitter. So what can you do? How do you get the user’s attention and promote yourself? Here's how….

How to market effectively on Twitter?

market effect on twitter

You firstly need to devise a strong marketing strategy. Your tactic will be the foundation for your success and will be worth all of the time, energy, and capital that you've invested. Certain tips and tricks of the trade that can help you grow, promote, and market effectively:

Set up your Twitter profile

Create your Twitter account by simply signing up and adding your details. You need to customize your profile to set yourself up for success. The last thing you want is users turning away from your Twitter profile and potentially from your business, all because you have an egg as your profile picture.

So, use your brand logo as your profile picture and graphics or any picture that captures the essence of your business as your header picture. And while a number of brands have their logo as their profile picture, the banner is where you can get a bit creative with colors and imagery.

Your display name should be associated with your company name and all of your other social media profiles. Make sure you use compelling pictures for both your banner as well as your profile picture. 

Choose a handle (@) for your business. It appears in your profile URL, is tied to everything you do on Twitter, and is unique to you. It should be directly associated with the name of your business. However, if you’re feeling fancy, you can select a Twitter profile template to ease your task.

Your bio should include your mission, vision, values, along with a crisp description of the products and services you offer. Optimized bio not only completes your profile 100%, but it also helps you to seek freelancing projects and build a potential network.

Know your competition

One of the most critical factors that many businesses don't pay much heed to is knowing your competition. The best strategy to get ahead in your industry is to acquire a proper competitive analysis of their strengths, weakness, and way of business.

Knowing your competitors can help you make your marketing, products, and services stand out by enabling you to set your prices competitively and allow you to respond accordingly to rival marketing campaigns through your own initiatives and up your game.

Identify your audience

Your audience should be considered in each and every aspect of marketing; that includes social media. When building your strategy and even creating content, you must have an accurate description of your target personas in mind.  Who are you aiming to reach? What are their interests? Is this going to help me get their attention?

Add value to your content

Adding value to your Twitter is crucial to market on Twitter. You must always keep your users' persona in mind because the key to successfully create profitable inbound content is to make your users feel like you connect with them and as though you're speaking directly to them.

When adding worth on social media, understand whether your tweets promote an idea, entertain, or educate your audience. Without any of those three aspects, your content is most likely to fall flat. Also, keep in mind that the primary purpose of Twitter is to connect.

Use a Twitter tool

twitter tool

When you use Twitter for business, logging into the platform each time you post something can be a waste of time and is frankly annoying. There are a number of tools that let you schedule your posts ahead of time so that you don't have to click 'Tweet' 50 times a week. Hub Spot’s Social Media tool lets you publish on social networks in the same place you build your campaigns and schedule content. Alternatively, you can also consider Buffer or Sprout Social.

Handle problems through DMs

Your way of interacting with customers is important. Direct messaging or DMs has evolved over the years, especially for branding. Twitter is one of the best platforms for troubleshooting the issues your customers face. It is wise for you to handle customer complaints individually so as not to make the problem public knowledge and make anyone think less about your company.

Paid campaigning

Twitter is free for use, but if you wish to pay for advertising on this platform, it offers a number of options:

  1. Promoted Tweets
  2. Promoted accounts
  3. Promoted trends
  4. Twitter Amplify
  5. Promoted video
  6. Mobile app promotion

Select the type of campaign smartly that suits your requirements and goals. Similarly, if you’re wanting to increase your outreach on Facebook business page try using paid campaigns.

Some other tweaks to kick it up a notch

some other tweaks


Hashtags are popular searchable words or phrases that groups hundreds and thousands of tweets together. They are a great way to increase the visibility of your content and brand beyond your follower base. There are several popular hashtags that most Twitter users use or are at least familiar with, such as #ThrowbackThursday or #FollowFriday.

Businesses can pick up on trending topics and conversations and contribute in hopes of increasing their online visibility and recognition. You can create your own hashtags to draw attention to your brand, a product launch, or events. Always make sure you use hashtags that are relevant to your tweet or niche or in sync with the latest trends.

Use rich graphic content or polls

It is imperative to engage with your followers on Twitter to keep consumers interested in your brand. Using images, videos, and gifs in your tweets has proved to be a great way to connect and engage with users. 

Another fun way to involve your followers is to create a poll. Polls are a great way to increase engagement resulting in more people seeing your tweet or posts on Instagram. Many entrepreneurs consider an online poll as a proven way to boost Instagram reach.

Live Tweets

Live-tweeting is a fantastic way to get a topic trending. Essentially, live-tweeting is when users tweet their reactions to an event as it is happening, whether it is entertainment or breaking news.

When you throw an event and want your guests to live tweet about it, the smart move would be to create your own hashtag for the event and share it with your guests so that they can easily spread and follow it.

A simple live tweet or use of multiple tweets for the same topic (initial tweet), makes them respond to the original tweet making it easier for users to follow and understand the entire conversation.

Interact with influencers and journalists

It is always important to interact with the right people. Tweeting relevant, creative, offbeat, and attractive content and mentioning the right influencers can create a positive impact. Additionally, if the influencer views and likes your content and retweets it, massive traffic will be driven to your page.

Final words - Twitter is an excellent social media platform to grow your business and gain brand recognition as well as prospects if used smartly and strategically.

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