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Top Digital marketing tools that will be trendy in 2022

Sep 04, 2021 BY SHUBHAM MANE

Top Digital marketing tools that will be trendy in 2022

As we all know, the year 2020 was a turning point for many, so the things that worked in 2020 and 2021 may not be working the same in 2022. To get the best possible results for the business clients, you should follow the trends and stay at the top.

We have now entered the new decade with rapidly increasing tech fields; though digital marketing has become the hot topic in recent years and with these growing digital trends, the tools have updated to make marketing even more quick and reliable.

According to the UN trade and development experts, the new era forces businesses to work digitally, increasing the economy and trades. This propaganda shows how important digital marketing development is to survive in this competitive market.

Let’s dive in profoundly to know about the future tools that might benefit every business on an online platform.

I’d like to share the trends about digital marketing from a future perspective.

Nowadays, digital marketing is a necessity for any business, and it consists of a lot of moving parts, the marketing boosts your website by increasing visibility and organic traffic with the help of SEO and builds brand recognition on social media. It can save your time and provide your website with more personalized engagement.

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Rise of virtual events

For the marketers, live events were the major avenue before the pandemic, which helped them connect with the buyers and seek new potential customers. Although, the businesses and agencies had to cancel the events and virtual events had to take the place of live events.

After the pandemic, maybe the virtual events will likely to continue well in the future. According to the professional convention management association (PMCA), 62% of the shortened programs have invited live stream speakers, 71% of professionals handling an event include mostly interactive features to top their virtual events.

Seeing this, 48% of replier in a survey said that virtual events are here to stay for a long time.

The shift to Omnichannel marketing

This new way of marketing allows you to monitor all interactions with the customer across the channels without losing any context. The clarity is provided, and also it assists in giving the customers a powerful sense of brand identity across several channels digitally.

Omnichannel marketing promotes the idea about the business that it’s consistent and the customers are attached with positive emotion. This brings them back to use the services of the business.

The marketing makes services, communications, and products available in all channels and covers customer service. To include Omnichannel marketing into your business, the CRM platform might assist you in jumping across channels easily without losing any consistency.

Artificial intelligence and Analytics

Blueshift report (it allows you to track all the raw campaign actions) stated that 28% of the marketers use AI for the recommendations of the products, and 26% use it to improve the existing campaigns.

The marketers that use AI and analytics collect and analyze data and automate marketing-related processes. The important parameter of the AI is that it assists in strategic marketing planning, marketing management, and automated digital marketing process.

Marketing strategies may have a huge impact on social media platforms increasing engagement and brand recognition.

Currently, digital marketplaces and search engines use AI and Analytics to increase profits and efficiency. On top of that services regarding social media marketing could maintain and grow your business.

Progressive web apps

The behavior of the PWAs is exactly like an app, but they are browser-driven web pages that create an illusion of an app and sometimes can also be installed.

Some examples of PWAs are Yummly, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix. They are engaging, fast, and reliable, which runs under HTTPS, include a web app manifest (part of a collection of web technologies), and implement a service worker.

If the criteria that showed above meet, then PWAs can be on a user’s home screen. This ensures that when users open the browser, they first see PWA; this will help them create more engagement and traffic.

Keeping up the voice search

We can say this might be an important tool, as voice search usage is expected to rise till 2022 because, according to canalys, the US received 24% of the global smart speaker market shipments in 2019.

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana these are the smart speaker devices used on a large scale; the smart move of any business would be to optimize the content for voice search. This step would make sure that they would be included in voice search results when made locally. It will increase the sales and customers possibly.

Augmenting user experience with augmented reality

Pokémon go game, a feature film, cartoon series, a range of touchpoints, and merchandise are all examples of augmented reality. For achieving higher customer engagement, augmented reality is combined with Omnichannel marketing campaigns and used.

It could be possible that augmented reality is used in conjunction with digital content and PWAs to increase engagement. To create hype, stunts like this are necessary.

Native advertising

Most people do not like popular ads because of their intrusive nature, so native ads could solve this problem as these ads are made in such a way that they seem to be a part of the content.

Product placement in movies and endorsements in music videos are examples of native ads that often seem incidental but have been strategically placed in them. However, this advertising is not a new phenomenon; it has been used before by companies.

Using native ads in conjunction with Omnichannel marketing will increase the chances of reaching an even larger audience.

More video content marketing

Research by internet traffic pointed that by 2022, 82% of the content will be video because most of the time, you don’t need to read a long article or read a book about something to know what it is.

Sometimes, you need a general idea, and that could be easily done with videos. They generate the story with visuals and audio and are more engaging than just going through word content.

Choosing video over reading a manual is the same as how easy to understand diagrams than any numbers. Although, there are several ways of using videos to generate leads, support customers, and maintain reputation.

Thus, video contents let you easily interact with your customers; one way you can keep it Omnichannel is by diverting your video audience to the platform where they might interact more.


To keep up with the digital marketing trends, researchers and marketers must be consistent in studies about new technologies and marketing.

I hope this article helped you understand the possible trends and tools that might be on the top in the future and possibly could take digital marketing to another level. For such informative articles and useful blogs visit our site @webenetic  and come across some trendy news.

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