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Top DA and DR Govt sites used in 2021

Jul 31, 2021 BY SHUBHAM MANE

Top DA and DR Govt sites used in 2021


Are you looking for sites that you can trust your quality backlinks with? If you need sites that will help you build natural do-follow links without any spam, then you are in the right place.

Receiving high-quality backlinks from top-rated government sites can consistently increase the rankings of your website, but getting these quality backlinks is a massive task. As this has been a topic of debate that what is the value of government links for SEO?

Many SEO professionals stated that Google doesn’t treat any Edu and gov domains any differently, maybe Google doesn’t view them any better than .net, .org, and .com, but the authority that gov links hold gives them extra SEO power.

Things you will learn in this blog?

  • Value of Govt links in SEO
  • Why are government links so important for your website
  • How to receive government links?
  • Why one must make an effort to get backlinks from government sites

Value of Govt links in SEO

Many know and believe that government extensions have definite superpowers, which is valid to some extent. As every SEO expert understands the value of these links because government extensions are challenging to get as it belongs to powerful organizations, they don’t link to anyone.

Still, your site can rank well without receiving any government extension backlinks.

But, if you’re the lucky one who does score a backlink with some high authority websites, then your own website’s authority will be encouraged.

These domains are one of the top-rated domains utilized by state, local, and federal agencies; the more backlinks you generate from these sites, the more authority your website will get, and it will top in the SERP. In short, the backlinks that you generate from any government organization are known as .gov backlinks.

Why are government links so important for your website?

The government sites that are high in DA and traffic can help you build quality backlinks without having to spam them for your website.

Getting a backlink from a government organization is not a piece of cake; your content must be informative and powerful that could be relevant and understood by the audience. Many digital marketing firms questioned that are these gov sites still effective?

Yes, Govt links are still important and influential today because google trusts Govt sites more than anything as these sites have high authority and credibility. So getting backlinks from these government sites can give your website authority factor and rank it on top.

Authority and credibility are what you need to rank high on SERP.

How to receive Govt links?

Getting backlinks from Govt sites is a time-consuming duty, and you have to work hard to earn those links. The first step you must take is that your website must be a foundation where relevant and informative content takes place. The more the relevancy, the better the chances of getting standard backlinks.

Think about it, if you’re not getting any backlinks from .com and .org, then don’t expect any links from these government authorities.

If you’re starting any business and not getting any backlinks from .gov, don’t be sad. It’s just a start; try to be more consistent with your content and get backlinks from .com and .org. after some time, you will be ready for high authority sites; you must be patient enough to understand the SEO game. 

Why one must make an effort to get backlinks from the government site

We have discussed above why government sites are important for backlinks and growth of your website; below; we will show you the reasons why you must consider .gov backlinks for SEO campaigns.

    1. Link juice factor

The government sites are considered to be the best sites that you could depend on to tap juice links; they are one of the sites with high page authority and high domain authority consisting of top-rated domain sites.

If you can tap juice links from any of these authority sites, it could be useful for your website to improve your SEO ranking.

    2. Recommendation for endorsement

Using .gov for backlinks and getting positive results will grow your business online on a large platform that can earn you a recommendation. People will trust your business and website more when you get an endorsement from a government organization.

As a marketer, it must be your priority as every businessman thinks about growing their service.

    3. Supply/demand principle

There is a strict restriction on the sale of .gov domains; that’s why it is difficult for any individual to buy this domain. This concludes why gov domains are very rare; this is why Google trusts government sites as natural and genuine.

List of best high DA .gov websites 2021

  • cdc
  • dot
  • fcc
  • fema
  • fws
  • house
  • nasa
  • nih
  • noaa

List of best high DR .gov websites 2021




I hope you find these blogs useful enough for your campaign, and make sure to follow the list that we have provided for your convenience.

We have included almost every point that you could use to grow your website and make your business successful in the market by using backlinks from government authority sites. Results may not be fast, but the work you are doing must be fast and effective for positive results. However, if you're looking for immediate results you could opt to submit your content on document submission sites or pdf and ppt submission sites to get quality backlinks.

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