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The New Google Update Rolled out on 26 July

Jul 30, 2021 BY SHUBHAM MANE

The New Google Update Rolled out on 26 July

Google has rolled out an update regarding spam links called spam link update, which is more effective than before, making the google algorithm more accurate in checking and pointing out the nullifying link spam.

This update has been rolled out on 26 July, and it will take at least one more week to come out broadly to search results in various languages.

Google announcement

Recently google wrote on their official page that "we were doing continuous efforts in improving the search result quality and launched a new update on fighting link spam." This new update will show some recent changes in the search for the sites taking part in the link spam as those links can be re-accessed by our algorithm.

Google also wrote that the website owners must make sure that they are following the best practices on the link. If you see ranking declines on google in the next few weeks, it may be because of this new link spam update.

Google suggests the importance of targeting links from guest sponsored and affiliate content; it also shows what should be the appropriate rel values for such links.

It's a reminder from google that when linking out with other sites, the owner must use links appropriately and add tags to the links where two domains exchange values.

Google recommendation for each type of link

Links from guests posts: such links must be marked up with the rel=" nofollow" value.

Affiliate links: For affiliate links, every site, while uploading, must use the links with rel=" sponsored" to qualify.

Links from sponsored posts: links must be marked up with the rel=" sponsored" value for paid placements or advertisements.

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