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Duplicate Content Analysis

Duplicate content refers to extremely similar or, at times, the exact same content on multiple pages. Duplicate content confuses search engines and adds little to no value for your visitors and harms your SEO performance. Our team of creative content writers provide you original and authentic content that suites the user intent.

Initial Rank Report

Ranking Report refers to how search engines determine where a particular piece of content should appear on a SERP. Search visibility means how prominently a piece of content is displayed in search engine results. Apparent content may seem right at the top of organic search results or even in a featured snippet, while less-visible content may not appear until searchers click to page two and beyond.

Google Penalty Check

Suppose your website traffic experiences a sudden drop and you see a corresponding decline in rankings. In that case, there is a good possibility that you are on the receiving end of a Google penalty. We check whether your website is one such and then make the required changes and optimize your website by preventing prom penalizing.

Image optimization

Our team of proficient and experienced graphic designers optimize images by typically compressing the file size of the images as much as possible and in no way sacrifice quality so that your page's load time remains low and escalates your rank on Google and other image search engines.

Sitemap.xml creation & submission

An XML sitemap is a file that indexes a website’s essential pages, making sure Google can crawl and find each one of them. Moreover, it helps search engines to understand the structure of your website. You want Google to crawl every important page of your website. However, sometimes, pages end up having no internal links pointing to them, making them hard to find. We create sitemaps that help speed up the content discovery.

Robots.txt creation

Robots.txt is a text file most webmasters create to instruct search engine robots or web robots, how to crawl the pages on their website. Robots.txt file is segment of the robots exclusion protocol (REP). REP is a group of web standards that regulate how these robots crawl, access and index content on the web, and serve that content up to users.


In IT, canonicalization is a process of converting data that has more than one possible representation into a 'normal', 'standard', or canonical form. A canonical tag is a way of instructing search engines that a specific URL serves as the master copy of a webpage. With the use of canonical tag, we prevent problems caused by identical or "duplicate" content appearing on multiple URLs, other than yours.

Load Speed Optimization

Website speed impacts the user experience, site traffic, and ultimately rankings; thus, it is a critical component of a successful SEO strategy. Website speed optimization is a tactic we use for improving how fast a page loads.

Address Tag Integration

A tag, also known as a pixel, is a part of JavaScript code that most vendors require users to integrate into their website and mobile sites to perform tasks such as advertising, live chat, and product recommendations. Additionally, it supports your digital marketing efforts, and these tags collect unique visitor behavior information.

Website SEO Content Recommendations

We provide you with the best SEO services to optimize websites and increase your business profits by a large margin. Meet your marketing goals and drive your brand through Webenetic SEO services with a responsive success rate. We use white hat techniques to go digital.

Informational Article Writing

We create and develop the content with relevant facts, concrete details, quotations, and other applicable information and examples. We use appropriate transitions to illustrate the relationships among suitable ideas, concepts, precise language and domain-specific vocabulary creatively to inform about or explain the topic.

On-page crawl error correction

When a search engine tries to reach a page, you have been surfing on your website but fails at it, a crawl error occurs. Your goal must be to make sure every link on your website guides to an actual page via a 301 direct, but at the end of that link, the page must always return a 200 OK server response.

Proper URL structure analysis

URL is a contraction for a "uniform resource locator" used to recognize the address of documents or other resources on the internet.

As a digital marketing firm, we provide services that will improve user experience and improve rankings for your website. URLs consist of domain names to tell a browser about where to retrieve a resource.

Header Tags Optimization

Header tags are also known as heading tags used to separate subheadings and headings on a webpage. They mostly rank in the order of importance which improves SEO and readability of a webpage.

Our firm will provide you attractive header tags that will improve your search engine visibility and increase your CTR.

HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization

Clean HTML helps considerably improve your ranking in search engine results pages by making your search engine spiders find and index your webpages more conveniently.

As a digital marketing firm, we provide services that will improve user experience and improve rankings for your website. URLs consist of domain names to tell a browser about where to retrieve a resource.

W3C Validation

The World Wide Web consortium provides a markup validation service that allows internet users to check the validity of web documents like pre-HTML5 HTML and XHTML for markup against a document type definition. If you’re looking for quality and speedy web pages, then should definitely opt for this service.

Pages Hx tags optimization.

To specify the title of a webpage, an HTML element as a title tag is used. These tags are displayed on search engine result pages as a clickable headline for a given result and are essential for social sharing and SEO.

Bing Webmaster Setup

With our unique SEO tools, you can explore your website, analyze backlinks, manage keywords, and more. It is a good way for businesses to monitor their site and dust off any issues that could sink their site's organic traffic. We can help your website to reach your targeted website fast and first.

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