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Usually, marketers primarily focus on Google when competing for traffic. In fact, many SEO meetings are at stake for getting 'organic ranking' on SERP. Their discussions revolve around 'How can we boost our Google ranking?' or 'Let's goal for the featured snippet.' 

I don't think any of your team leaders divert your strategy towards capturing Bing traffic. However, we all admit that Google is the most popular search engine in the online market. It has captured by sustaining 70% of the market share.

But, we cannot deny popularity comes with numerous challenges; therefore, getting top ranking on Google is not everyone's cup of tea. Nearly millions of online businesses strive to compete in that top five positions just like you.

So, if you don't want to miss crucial opportunities, pivot your online strategies on other good search engines in the world. I'm going to take you through the top eight search engines , so you can schedule your next meeting further to discuss potential tactics to bag first position on them.


Google is an internet company based in California which excels in providing digital services, including online search, advertising, software, and cloud computing. In January 2021, Google has scored 86 percent of the overall market share, which is the highest among other leading search engines.

Specifically looking into mobile traffic – almost 85% was captured again by Google as many businesses opt to invest in mobile applications due to its significant benefits. This shows it can seize worldwide traffic at a large scale; that's why many companies aim to get organic or paid web results and still face pitfalls due to tough competition.

Plus, Google keeps on updating its algorithm. One of the recent changes, like featured snippets, has great convenience the user interface without clicking any link. Such varied and versatile guidelines make it more difficult for you to match the web goal with targeted traffic.


Alternative to Google, Bing is the second largest internet company, followed by Yahoo the third contender in the lead. It has been making a lot of marketing efforts to make up for Google's popularity. It has added Microsoft features to catch up with Google's familiarity and ease.

Later in 2020, Bing has officially adopted the brand name 'Microsoft Bing.' In addition, it has claimed new attribute known as 'Rewards,' which allows its users to avail of points and gift cards when browsing or shopping on the engine.

Users can redeem those bonus points, gift cards, and other winning prices as per their wishes. Such characteristics have given Bing more incredible benefits by increasing its market share up to 25.7%. It also has an application called as 'Bing search app' that allows visitors to search for various images, information, maps, videos, company information, etc.


It's not the smoothest interface but still manages to hold the third position in our list, with 7 percent of the global market share. Bing fuels yahoo so search engines give similar aggregate results on both of them.

Yahoo and Bing often try to throw one's hat in the ring! They don't compete with Google very often. However, Yahoo is a veteran search engine other than Google that still manages to reach 600 million mobile users every month. It is one of the vital internet companies with billions of overall users.


Eric Xu – a Chinese Entrepreneur, had introduced 'Baidu' in 2002. It is considered the largest search engine in China and the fourth most popular search engine worldwide. According to the Chinese survey, Baidu has covered 75 percent of the market share, contributing to the highest revenue generation from China.

Talking about its interface appears similar to Google with white background, primary blue links, and green colored URLs. But the only change is the language used, 'Mandarin,' widely spoken in Northern and Southeastern China.

Baidu has come a long way and still strives to include exclusive search engine features to give excellent user accessibility. Many Asian countries rely on Baidu for searching images, web, videos, news, maps, cloud storage, and other web information. 

Although it provides diverse search results, Non-Asian users often find the comprehensive response to their queries on Google than on Baidu due to its censored images on a few pre-democratic websites.


AOL is one of the popular search engines in New York. It was led by young boys who sell Compact Disc (CD's) to help users install modem software and give their browser access on computers. This was back in the year 1983 when Verizon Communication took over AOI for $4.4 billion, and then in 1991, they named their services American Online.

After managing to sustain itself in the market, it leaped in 2009 by rebranding it as AOI Inc. Now it has a market share up to 0.59 percent plus. Besides its internet services, they're also a prominent mass media company that provides services for advertising, email marketing, and online platforms.


If you're a Russian-based company, then Yandex is your top seed, with 60 percent-plus Russian online traffic. It gives services like Yandex music, maps, language translator, money, and other services.

It's also one of the popular search engines in Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Yandex provides search results in two languages English and Cyrillic. In addition, it gives cloud storage services, making it convenient for users to search their copies from the search bar too. So, if you're planning to launch products and services in the middle-eastern countries, then focus on driving traffic on Yandex.


If you want to escape fuzzy ads without the need of skipping them, then you might want to start using DuckDuckGo which praises itself as "The only search engine that doesn't track your search results."

It's an excellent interface that completely respects your privacy and doesn't store any personalized data. You might want to try searching for your next holiday destination without being bombarded by Makemytrip ads. However, let me remind you there are still display ads on DuckDuckGo – but not the peculiar ones.

Moreover, it is known for a cleaner interface, making it easier for users to navigate on a single search page. Daily average searches as of May 2021 stood up to 95.81 million users, and it's gradually growing over the past three months. has an entirely different interface in comparison with other search engines. The mechanism is not similar to the standard search engines like Yahoo or Bing. You can undoubtedly call it distinct due to its Q/A format. 

If you're looking to capture the attention of modest users, then try strategies tailored to The average traffic rate is also concrete to consider for web engagement. The algorithm is unique that advocates expertise based on subject popularity. Further, it answers your visitor's questions in a familiar tone giving it an 'intelligent answers' feel.


Now that you're aware of the top web search engines globally, it is time for you to optimize these online opportunities. The most popular dominants among them are Google, Bing, and Yahoo, capturing the vital market share by engaging millions of users on each.

However, it is good if you're willing to diversify your online sources to reach your ideal target audiences. I would suggest you consider better search engine than Google while framing your new SEO strategies. Maybe your team will be better at analyzing the Bing or Yahoo algorithm and could manage to hold the revised position in the SERP.


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