Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Reddit rolls out a new option for promotion on post reply feeds

Reddit rolls out a new option for promotion on post reply feeds


Reddit rolls out a new option for promotion on post reply feeds

Reddit creates a unique opportunity for the brands to promote the product. It introduces a new option called conversational placement ads. This platform will facilitate the brands to promote their product and services with a highly engaging post in the comment section.

Conversation placement helps the enterprises to post their promotions and links in the relevant post. Enables them to reply to the actual post and above the first comment. This update also allows a dedicated call to action button to allow more engagement.

Reddit officials have stated that this platform is the heartland of Reddit, where most of the engagement takes place globally with enthusiasm and interest daily. Conversation Placement allows promoters to connect with their target audience as the exchange of knowledge takes place.

This platform will work in alliance with Reddit‘s in-feed advertising, which will try to create more engagement. Reddit further stated that there are more than 350,000 conversations happening daily. Reddit users spend approximately 42% of the time in the application inside the comments section.

Reddit has tested this in the beta version with over 6000 users. This platform has observed tremendous success.

The insights say that beta test users observed a 9% aggregate increase in the click-through rate, 10% more downstream conversion rate, and 23% lesser cost per click rate when using conversation platforms and feed.

Reddit also takes into account that this is used in a better way for placing an advertisement. In alliance with regular feeds advertisement, many brands increased their overall reach on the platform by 20%.

Regarding placing the ads on this platform, some Reddit users will not be happy about seeing the ads in the comment section, but most of the users will be open for ads and brand promotion. This provides a unique platform for the brands to place their ads and market them.

The Reddit conversation placement option would be available for all the users from today.

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