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Quick Ways to Find Freelancing Projects in 2021


Quick Ways to Find Freelancing Projects in 2021

Neither it’s a nightmare, nor should you be stressing about finding clients on leading freelancing websites. If you’ve got the required skill sets and passion for work, people will definitely hire freelancers like you. I’m saying because I have been on the hiring chair!

Hey, Tribe, whazzup, it’s Sheeba. Those who’re new to my troop, welcome. Today will be sharing practical tips to help you emerge, impress prospects and get your first paid freelancing project. Also, specifically for copywriters, you can learn some sizzling content marketing strategies to market the write-ups to give you great returns. 

So, it’s mouthwatering, right! Now stop wondering and start implementing because you already know where to go. Yes! You guessed it correctly on Upwork & Fiverr. They’re the most popular freelancing websites for people with different expertise like graphics, software development, writing, business development, marketing, and lots more. 

Let’s dig in. Firstly, we’ll discuss the deciding factor that helps you to seal the deal. 

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1. Optimized Bio

Your bio should speak for you! It should be unique and reflect all traits that could please your hiring manager. A well-optimized memoir includes:

  • Your general and specific skills.
  • Personal information.
  • Professional information.
  • Documentation or links of your past experiences/work
  • Portfolio
  • And a professional profile picture

Those who’re struggling for months should firstly prioritize completing a 100 % profile. For instance: if you’re an experienced freelance writer, update blog links in your professional portfolio. 

Oh, speaking of a professional portfolio, use sites like “Canva” to select the template and design a good-looking portfolio that showcases your skills in a systematic and eye-catchy manner. Do not keep any segment vacant. Fill in the required details in both mandatory and non-mandatory tabs too. 

The same applies to a fresher who has just begun his/her freelance career. Updating your profile is crucial in finding your first-ever client. Lastly, just reminding you that it’s not a hopeless journey; you’ll ride to victory. I promise.

Secondly, I’ll help you with tips to approach your prospective clients.

2. Send personalized application

The second and most important one is to get assured that your application hits the hiring chord. To do this, you need to prepare your application tailored as per the client’s requirements. But first, look whether the project details belong to your relevant domain; if yes, then proceed towards writing an application.

Don’t forget that your application is like an overview of your expertise. You should take it seriously. Put in efforts to understand the details and information mentioned in the post. Try and identify the pain point on which the client is looking and give them the solution for the same. 

Another crucial thing is doing “copy-paste.” It’s not at all healthy for your online reputation. I can tell you because I came across such applications where I can make out which are hand-written and not.

Therefore, I would request you guys to be genuine in actually rendering service that could support your client. Use a conversational tone while writing them. Also, stick to your recent achievements and not your entire life history. Don’t get too personal unnecessarily. If you stay true to values and learnings, then you might crack the deal.

3. Pay attention to details

Everyone would go like, what’s new in this, we already know it! But tell me, how many of you take it seriously? Let me remind you, it seems to be simple, but it’s a turning point

There is a reason why your client gives instructions along with a description. They want to set the bar and give you a hint of what it would be like to work on their project. It’s essential to read carefully. Do not skip any header, steps, or pointer. 

Another important reason behind giving instructions is that they want to see who you actually read the complete job description, follow the instructions, and then apply! Think from a client perspective, why will they want to work with someone who doesn’t follow their instructions.

Those who ignore details immediately cut out from the slot. In fact, many entrepreneurs say that their job becomes more accessible as 70 % of the applicants get rejected based on their least attention to the information and irrelevant job application.

So if you don’t want your application to go into the junk, follow the instructions. 

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4. Build trust 

Currently, if you’re a fresher, you might not have the industry exposure and experience under your belt, which is fine. But there are other ways through which you can gain trust and authority. One of the frosty techniques that can make your client stick their eyeballs on your application is your personality type.

I think you’ll agree that we all are different and unique in our way. And each one of us has a distinct personality type that can make us fit well in the shoe. So, if you want to know your personality type, then take the personality test and accordingly mention it in your profile.

Nowadays, the coolest part is; clients can rely on a person’s personality, which best suits the job profile.  For instance: if your personality dwells into “INFJ (introvert, intuitive, feeling, and judging) - The Humanitarian,” which is quite a rare species. Only one percent of individuals fall into this category.

Their approach is interlinked with deep thoughts, imagination, and care. So, you can become a writer, counselor, or psychologist few of the best career choices for INFJ’s personality people. 

Alright, I highly recommend my readers to self-analyze or do a personality test so that before your following interview, you could put forth your personality card ahead. However, if you’ve got a bit of relevant experience, go ahead and share it. 

Finally, include all your qualifications, certifications, mention your experience, and take potential steps to gain trust.

5. Work it for them

Whenever a person steps in the market to avail of services, they always look around someone who can give proper attention to their requirement and give cent percent returns on their investment. Your application should not show off your unwanted skills.

It shouldn’t be like I can do this, I’m genius, I know everything. You should not spill me, me, me all over the place. Instead, you should think of your client. Tell them that “I understood the concern; here’s how I can help you.”

So, tip number four is to pivot your application towards the client, company, and project goal. Also, you can tell them any specification or particular concern that you want to address, but humbly. This step is really important to drive their attention to your bid.

The next most important rule of thumb is to research your client's website, product nature, and other networking platforms. Investigate about their industry experience, follow them on social media, read their write-ups, and try to resonate with the brand, mission, and vision.

By doing the research work, you may get well-versed with the company and client. It can make you proactive in analyzing the brand expectations from you.

6. Give them valuable returns

Alright, this step is most important in deciding whether your bid will get you a lead, for which you should focus on serving with value. How can you do that? By showing them how you can convert features into a benefit and give innovative solutions.

Give them instant advice, feedback, or suggestions for improvement. It will show your manager that you have read the project details, understood them, analyzed them, and finally gave a concrete offer to resolve the query.

Do you know the client can judge your writing in less than two lines? So make sure to use your convincing and marketing skills efficiently. You can portray your copywriting skills right there by re-writing their web page headline.  If you provide them on the spot solution, it can give you extra leverage over other competitors.


7. Build your network 

The seventh and final tip that I want all of you to focus on is your learning and development. For any person to perform, it is crucial to be patient and positive! Along with the number game, it’s a great platform for networking too. 

Even if every application does not close the deal, you can still create a network by connecting with potential clients. I can tell you, if you leave a solid first impression, there might be a chance that for atleast a Pay Per Hour future projects, a client can consider you.

Upwork and Fiverr is the best freelance website for beginners to build brand awareness and recognition. Just keep in mind that you want to have a healthy conversation with fellow marketers and clients. Suppose if you don’t have ten out of ten skills. Still, if you are euthanasic, passionate, eager to learn, and trustworthy, you can definitely get freelancing jobs with good earnings and exposure in multiple industries.

Joining niche-specific freelance groups on social media is also a great way to learn, grow and connect with people from the same industry.

Alright, I hope you liked this mini-written guide! I wish you all the best for your upcoming freelancing projects. Do not forget to stay active on LinkedIn for business; even there, you can get good deals for brand networking.

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