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Promote your business on Reddit by becoming a Subredditor


Promote your business on Reddit by becoming a Subredditor

Reddit, ‘the front page of the internet,’ is a massive social news aggregation and collection of forums where content is curated socially.  It is the sixth most used social networking site in America, with 430 million monthly active users worldwide. 

Active Reddit members can promote the content through voting and can encourage open discussions of current affairs with other users. With such a vast user-base, can Reddit for business be used for marketing?

Is Reddit marketing beneficial? Is it really worth your time?

A platform that has room for endless discussions about a whole range of diverse subjects is a great way for marketers to establish a name for themselves in the market with more than 130K niche-based subreddits. Subreddits are communities based on specific topics of discussion. 

You can find supportive groups of about 2.2 million users who share similar interests as you. So chances are high to get something for almost every niche. However, any user can freely create their new subreddit based on your scope if there isn't one for you. 

Instead of spending large amounts on advertising and campaigning funds, businesses and brands are diving into acquiring more targeted audiences using Reddit social media marketing. It’s an authentic way of creating informative content and discussions to increase brand awareness and traffic. In fact, it’s proven SEO techniques to increase organic traffic .

However, since Redditor’s are pretty anti-advertising, marketers need to be innovative and follow specific guidelines as the platform has high content standards, strict moderation, and no spam tolerance.

Like most social networking sites, one can use two primary tactics to gain attention on Reddit; organic and paid. However, Reddit isn’t like other social networks because brands or famous personalities aren’t the stars; the Reddit communities are. This power shift can present some challenges to marketers but not ones that are impossible to overcome.

How it is like to market on Reddit?

To expand your reach and begin advertising on Reddit, you need to understand Reddiquette.

“It’s perfectly fine to be a Redditor with a website; it’s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account”, the essence of the platform is captured impeccably in this phrase from community guidelines of Reddit.

Being a community-based and oriented platform, Reddit encourages creators to reach out to the audience and pour actual value into the content they generate and share. You must become a part of the community if you wish to succeed with great CTR on Reddit.

You can educate your customers/users by sharing relevant information that addresses the ongoing subreddit trend. Many businesses consider Reddit as a best content marketing strategy of all time

You need to understand what your community niche is all about and tailor the content you contribute to be aligned with their preference and relevancy.

  • Would you mind not making it all about your business?

The platform wants its users and creators to generate valuable and informative content. Find what your audience wants to read about, what challenges they might face, and help them by creating something worthwhile for them to read about. 

 When you post accurate, informative, and relevant information in your content that your target audience might find value in, instead of just promoting your business, you create an impression of authority in your field. It cultivates the sense of know, like, and trust among users. 

 You can practice AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts. In such a post, you announce yourself and your field of expertise, encouraging users to ask you questions or guidance.

  •  Be genuine

Be genuine

As is customary, Reddit users hate marketing. They use this site to be entertained, engaged, and informed. They don’t want to be bombarded with aggravating and pushy messages. So it’s crucial to tread mindfully in this sphere. Test the Reddit waters with a few promoted posts and ad placements for your target audience. Try keeping it as transparent, genuine, and honest as you can.

There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to mocking tone-deaf marketers, so don’t try to agitate or play games with the Reddit community; they know all the tricks. You need to maintain a good balance between posts and comments, so you don’t look spammy.

Also, you don’t want to be seen as wanting the traffic and clicks without contributing or being part of the community. If you seem overly promotional, the Reddit community may hold a grudge, and chances are you might even receive a subreddit ban.

  • Paid Ads

Organic engagement requires a long-term strategy, patience, and commitment. However, sometimes brands might need a short-term boost of brand promotion and awareness, or they might even want to grow organically but may lack the bandwidth or workforce to do so. Reddit advertising can prove to be a helpful solution.

You can experiment with different types of Reddit ads that suit your requirements:

  1. Promoted posts
  2. Takeovers
  3. Ad Creatives

  • Subreddit Targeting

 As a marketer, you need to know your demographics to make the most of your efforts. Reddit offers both demographic as well as location-based targeting like most of the other popular social media platforms like Facebook for business does to connect with your kind of people who share the same bond for topics. 

Reddit has its very own demographic marketing approach. That means you can choose to have your ads appear only to specific communities. For instance, you can advertise a dog-related product or service in the “Dog Owner” subreddit as the audience here will be interested the most.

  • Finding the right Subreddit

right subreddit

When it comes to organic marketing on Reddit, it is crucial to understand your users. Where are they most likely to hang out? Or which topics might interest them the most? Going for niche over generic will help you make your mark and assist you in getting the attention of genuinely interested users. Once you get an idea of what users respond to, you can experiment on a larger subreddit.

  • Using an appropriate amount of links

It might sound uncommon or unfair, but only one in ten of your posts can contain a link to be accepted and look natural; you should upload the rest of your content without any ties, whether posts or comments.

This ratio is aimed to make you contribute more than you take, considering the benefit of the community above everything else. If you exceed this ratio, you will be immediately suspected of self-promotion and may even get a shadowban. In simpler words, be a friendly member of the community and not a salesperson.

  • Karma 

Reddit users build up Karma through their posts and comments. Essentially, the more upvotes their posts or comments get, the more Karma they will acquire. Building up Reddit Karma can be beneficial as it acts as a metric of authority to other users.

However, many people try and farm Karma by re-posting old/ copied content onto popular subreddits. Spotting this activity is relatively easy from a user’s profile. Avoid this activity at all costs.

Overall, Reddit remains an underutilized and underrated resource for most marketers, mainly because rather than the brick-and-mortar tactics for sites like Google or Facebook, Reddit requires long-term vision and genuine engagement. 

However, for savvy marketers and brands willing to put in the time, the payoff can be worth it. If you’re looking for a partner for your business with extensive Reddit experience, we’d love to talk and create a strategy to help your brand grow.


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