High Traffic Profile Creation Sites 2021

Are you looking for profile creation sites to build your backlinks on? Using profile creation sites for backlinks is the most used Off-page SEO technique, and it is also beneficial for increasing the rank of your website in various search engines.

With little information and hard work, you could add your profile on any platform, which is a key factor for any business to know what service is all about.

What is profile creation and why it is important? 

Profile creation is known as registering an account with a business name or an individual name on multiple websites, including classified sites, forums, image submission sites, video submission sites, infographics, social media sites, and so on.

It is very well suggested for its back-linking and branding method to popularize your app, site, or business over the internet. In short, providing general information about any individual on multiple different sites is called profile creation.

The information may include like:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Age
  • Short bio
  • Email ID

An important point to understand, that profile creation is only beneficial when you have chances of getting traffic from the website on which you have created a profile, especially for business purposes.

What are the metrics one has to take care of while building a profile?

It is shown that profile creation sites are very beneficial to grow any business, but it’s also very important to decide on the website for profile creation. Yes, there are many sites available on which you could create your profile, but many of them could be unworthy for your business advertising.

So, below we have shown some steps you must follow that might help you utilize the profile creation sites.

  • Consider the high page ranking profile creation sites on the search engine.
  • Pick one by one website to get profiles on social networks.
  • Register on the site by giving your necessary basic details like name, age, and email-id.
  • Choose your username and password to profile creation site accounts.
  • Confirm all your accounts with a registered email.
  • Login to your profile creation site and click on edit profile.
  • Fill in every detail on your sites, such as about description and social networking links.
  • Then, click the save button. Your profile is created.

In this manner, you may create your profile but keep in mind to fill in the critical information regarding the site that keeps you closer to your audience. It can be considered to be an excellent backing substitute for website marketing.

For the best results, you must use the high domain authority profile creation sites; mostly, these sites are used for heavy marketing that and by choosing such sites, you will definitely see some great results.

It is a simple known fact that profile creation attracts many advantages to the site, such as building brand awareness, boosting traffic, getting a better ranking conversion, and boosting SEO.

Does profile link building still work in 2021?

Yes, profile creation is currently working; it is a very simple search engine optimization technique that will operate to increase your website ranking. But locating good profile creation sites is not an easy task.

So, we have given below some quality profile creation sites list based on high DA, high DR, and high traffic that will help you to get quality backlinks.

How to create a profile for better SEO?

  • Completely fill out your profile 
  • Use rich keyword job titles
  • Expand your network for traffic
  • Join relevant groups and participate in their programs
  • Use attractive titles for your websites
  • Upload a picture

Benefits of creating a profile in SEO:

  • You will get quality backlinks from the highest authority websites
  • It will help your users to connect through multiple websites
  • An important use is that it will ensure your brand has a presence on multiple platforms
  • Social network profile output is improved
  • Boost ranking of search engines and gain authority

Best high DA profile creation sites in 2021:

  • github.com
  • www.ted.com
  • www.quora.com
  • www.academia.edu
  • www.soundcloud.com
  • www.behance.net
  • www.about.me
  • www.last.fm
  • crunchbase.com
  • sbnation.com

Best high DR profile creation sites in 2021:

  • 23hq.com
  • 30boxes.com
  • 4shared.com
  • 500px.com
  • about. me 

Best high traffic profile creation sites in 2021: 

  • lambgoat.com
  • thenewboston.com
  • www.webestools.com
  • nationaldb.org
  • lawlink.com


For growing any business or service, it is essential to make a profile as it provides all the information about you on various platforms that help grow your business.

There are many submission sites available on the internet that you could use, but they might not benefit your profile growth. So in this blog, we have shown you why profile creation is important with the steps to follow and given the best authority submission sites for your benefit.

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