Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility PMS System- A smart tool for your hotel business!

PMS System- A smart tool for your hotel business!

Aug 17, 2021 BY SARA SHAIKH

PMS System- A smart tool for your hotel business!

What is Hotel PMS?

Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) manage all aspects of hotel business operations, ensuring that guests are provided with the best experience.

The idea behind a property management system is to make sure you're running your business efficiently. Using an excellent hotel marketing services, you can provide the most enjoyable stay possible for each guest, leading to more repeat customers!

Traditionally, a PMS (or Property Management System) has been defined as software that enables hotels to manage front-office capabilities such as booking reservations or managing room rates. The software has replaced time-consuming and paper-intensive processes like guest check-in/out and assigning rooms.

Nowadays, a hotel PMS is more than just a point of contact for reservations. It is considered the backbone of hotels that interact with their guests and provide an amazing guest experience that competitors can't replicate.

Why your hotel business needs a PMS system?

Hotel PMS

Hotels across the country are putting mobile property management systems (PMS) at the heart of their operations for convenience, organization, and cohesion. This makes sense since hotels must be able to accommodate more guests than ever before in a COVID-19 pandemic with features like geofencing that allow them to manage things from an arm's length away.

The future looks bright for hotels! The global travel industry is returning to normal, and there are many great reasons your hotel should invest in a mobile PMS. You can see an increase in revenue, manage staff more efficiently, and have the best information about current guests without having to leave your office or lobby area - just turn on whatever device you're using & give it some time!

It's time to get a mobile PMS for your hotel. It will allow you to stay ahead in lean times as travel returns normal and gives you plenty of opportunities in those old days when nothing happened. Your future self will thank you too!

Here are the benefits of hotel property management system:

  • Safety

As the world opens up again, hotels no longer want to be known as a place that spreads contagious viruses. Mobile PMS has changed this because guests expect cleanliness and reduced contact from hotel staff which was only possible with COVID-19 prevention protocols.

  • Contactless Check-in

In future, it’ll be possible to check-in entirely contactless with your smartphone. Contactless apps integrate reservation data and automated communications to streamline self-check-ins for guests as they arrive at their destination. In addition, some hotel chains offer a digital registration feature that allows you to automate all of this before arrival by checking yourself into your reserved room online from home or onsite via mobile key integration when arriving!

  • Mobile Housekeeping

PMS system utilizes mobile housekeeping reports and checklists to ensure that they are following protocol. They can guarantee a high standard of cleanliness in their work by checking off each task as it’s completed, so nothing is ever missed.

  • On-the-Go Efficiency

The efficiency of your hotel is always a top priority. Many hotels are now looking to maximize their efficiencies with tight budgets during pandemic & after staff had been laid off due to no occupancy rates. Investing in mobile PMS will allow you to access it anywhere at any time- perfect for those who have computers on hand but cannot afford an IT team available 24/7 without worrying about expensive overtime payouts.

  • Guest & Reservation Data

The mobile PMS application centralizes all your guest and reservation information. It's essentially the front desk & back office rolled into one system that gives you access to data from anywhere! It allows for more responsive service by the staff, with less time spent running up to check reservations at the Front Desk.

  • Rate Management

Manage rates in real-time, whether you’re on or offsite. With an easily accessible and intuitive interface that can be accessed anywhere at any given moment, this service is worth the cost.

  • Reports

Your business operations are only as good as the reporting on which you base your decisions. Embracing a robust mobile PMS means you never having to worry about doing marketing, operational, and pricing decisions without real-time data at your fingertips!

  • Housekeeping Reports

Mobile housekeeping reports are the easiest way for hotel staff to stay on top of what needs to be done when it needs to be done. It allows housekeepers to check off tasks as they're completed and see which rooms need a visit right from their mobile device- all while in other parts of the property doing more meaningful work! And with real-time room status updates, it's like front desk staff can see what rooms are ready for guests too.

How to select a right Hotel PMS?

hotel PMS

Without a proper hotel property management system, you risk the smooth running of your operations. Do not fall into this trap- find out what's suitable for you by understanding exactly what to look for and how it will affect your business.

What does every hotel owner want? The perfect PMS. Though there are a lot of offers to choose from, here we are providing some hints that can help you make the right decision!

Consider the cost carefully:

If we live in a perfect world, then I am sure my personal preference would cost me nothing; however, life isn't ideal.

Many people are unaware that the PMS they purchase comes with a price tag. It may be easy to overlook this detail when you're looking for one of these applications, but it is worth considering before making any decision.

Use the cloud:

When it comes to managing a PMS, you should make sure that the software is cloud-based. It will ensure that it has become much easier and more comfortable because there's no need for any developer or IT specialist who would deal with hardware equipment maintenance like servers. Cloud-based systems are more flexible, reliable, and affordable, and easily scalable to meet your needs.

Insist on excellent support and training:

You may have the best PMS, but nevertheless, you need to be sure that your provider is available 24/7. This is because hospitality never sleeps, and if there's a problem, it can't wait until office hours for any help! Help should be available immediately when encountering difficulties with existing or newly added features.

Look for all the key features:

PMS feature

The PMS can drive your hotel to success. This is why it should come with many essential features for running the hotel at its optimum capacity. For instance, you need:

  • Booking Engine
  • Central Reservations System
  • Payment Processing
  • Channel Manager
  • Hotel Self-Service App
  • Restaurant Bar POS
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Kiosk

The PMS should have an analytics tool that helps you track performance and make conclusions about customer behavior.

Security is of great importance:

A property management system is a powerful tool, but you should never overlook its security features. Security matters, so don't forget to take care of it! The right PMS for your hotel is not something you should take lightly because it will have long-term effects on how well the business runs. Before choosing, look at the functions and price of each system to see which one can do what you need the best while also coming at a reasonable cost.

Guest-centric Service Excellence:

guest centric service

Customers are more tech-savvy than ever before, with even most Boomers comfortable using mobile devices and technologies.

The rise in guests' technological savvy has been well documented since the pandemic as they've become increasingly reliant on their smartphones to meet all of their needs for entertainment or relaxation during downtime.

Nowadays, more than ever, we are seeing people turn to technology to stay connected. The digital revolution means that you can connect with customers in new ways, such as through email and social media platforms or by using chatbots, a program designed for conversation. But if our communication isn't relevant, it won't provide value to guests. When no two people are the same, how can we make our messaging suitable for each person? That's where personalization technology steps in.

91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. Those same stats show 80% of customers will purchase when the brand is offering personalized experiences.

A mobile PMS helps to deliver personalized experiences with guest and reservation data. The app's integration also offers an easier way for guests to connect before they arrive on the property- perfect for any traveler's needs!

  • Self-check-in

You'll never have to wait in line for registration again with this seamless system. Guests can register online, followed by a text message or email containing all the necessary arrival instructions! With an efficient backend and front-end service, you can also view any pertinent information attached to their reservation via your computer screen at the back desk.

  • Online Booking Engine

The rise of OTAs made online bookings essentials for hotels to thrive. With Webenetic’s e-commerce services, you can enhance PMS systems. It’s an essential tool that allow hoteliers to remain competitive by enabling direct booking on their websites. 49% of US reservations are from Direct Booking, and without an integrated reservation engine, your website is missing out! In an age of instant gratification, giving your visitors a chance to book direct will make them feel like they're getting something.

  • Automated Email Integrations

Webenetic's easy email automation tools can help you automatically send guests reservation confirmations, pre-arrival emails, post-stay communications, and more based on the data they provide in their web form. With templates to make it even easier for your marketing team to personalize messages that resonate with customers.

  • Mobile Messaging

A PMS that integrates with mobile messaging platforms allows you to automate routine text messages using reservation data. Webenetic’s web development team understands the benefits to build mobile application to make the information more relevant, specific, and timely for customers by incorporating customer feedback in their work process.

  • Chatbot

Chatbots can be integrated with your PMS to help inquiring guests find the perfect date while eliminating any frustrations over availability. Not only do they provide 24-7 service, but chatbots also answer questions about other aspects of a property like amenities and activities for children. Webenetic’s digital marketing agency provide automated Chatbot services to simplify user browsing experience.

Enhance the Guest Journey…And Their Stay

As a hotelier, it is important to make life easy for oneself and one's team. A mobile PMS will keep track of everything you need while ensuring that your guests are served with excellence. The best way to ensure this happens? Apply the oxygen mask first before assisting others! A mobile PMS is your hotel's emergency oxygen mask that will see you through the recovery stage of a pandemic with streamlined and cohesive operations so you can best serve your guests, no matter where or when.

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