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Practical Strategies to Use Pinterest for Business | 2021

Jul 31, 2021 BY WEBENETIC

Practical Strategies to Use Pinterest for Business | 2021

Are you looking to grow your online presence? Have you tried Pinterest for business? If not, then now is the time to reconsider! 

Although it is one of the vital applications in the social media pool, many marketers still fight to fetch the right spot on Instagram and Facebook. Very few marketers think of expanding their small business on other social media platforms like Pinterest. So isn’t this a good opportunity for you to grab onto when competitors are busy on other media?

Pinterest is relatively a whole new breed in the social media jungle. Still, it has become the new favorite among millions of users and businesses around the world in such lesser time. Strategists consider it as a potential platform for their business expansion and online presence.

This leaflet will further disclose the correct information you should know before beginning your social media journey on Pinterest.

Is your business suitable for Pinterest marketing?

If you're an owner of a media firm, an interior designer, an e-commerce entrepreneur, or a lifestyle blogger; you should consider marketing on Pinterest to create brand awareness in 2021.

However, those who do not belong to the above industries can still find relevant scope in reaching their target audience. But unlike other businesses, they won't find a more significant audience segment relevant to their niche.  

How does Pinterest promote your online business?

Pinterest promote business

People use their expertise, experience, and research to grow their online business. Everyone chooses a different path, but the ultimate destination is the same! So it's up to you how you blend your strategies and ideas to perform the engagement activities on Pinterest.

But, to make your job easier, I'll share unique tips that can help form a foundation based on which you can formulate and brainstorm the tactics tailored to your business type. These strategies can work for both newbies and existing players.

But, first, let's understand the mechanism of this search engine! I believe everyone knows that it's a platform that majorly operates on visuals. So if you want your people to discover your business, focus on creating high-quality images and upload them as pins.

The next step is to put your website link or URL in the picture so that the interested customer can visit your web page for further details.

Lastly, while creating pins, make sure to select your format. There are various kinds of pins that you can create and play around with. Usually, many businesses create vertical pins, as they're mobile-friendly, while others love creating interactive videos explaining their products and services. 

Insights on Pinterest uniqueness

It's a platform designed for people to take a visual tour of your business before heading over to the actual business site for more information. The main motto is not to sustain the user on the platform but instead instigate them to tap the link and check out the product details.

While other social engines like Instagram and Facebook always strive to make the user stay on the platform for more extended periods. The difference is clear that Pinterest is designed to allow businesses to advertise their products and services. It's a great way to articulate product offers and discount cards in a convincing way.

Why should you promote on Pinterest?

promote on pinterest

Pinterest is a distinct social platform with a different interface that sets it apart from other social media sites. It has a unique feature that allows businesses to share photos and visuals to promote their business products.

Pinterest algorithm understood the significance of visuals than any other social site. Therefore, they believe in focusing on visuals, then on plain text. Every pin account holder has their own board, which contains pins in the form of explicit visual content. Users and other businesses could go and check boards for inspiration. The best part is you can bookmark them for future references.

The visual aspect is more feasible to read and remember, and that is the actual reason which has captured many people's attention. One of the latest reports says about 400 plus million users are actively browsing Pinterest in 2021. In fact, it has clearly surpassed the count of monthly users on other leading sites like Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Also, one recent survey says that most users who view the pins are visiting the site and purchasing the product based on the seen content. Many of them follow brands on Pinterest to get regular updates.

In reality, Pinterest has become the leading search engine that drives the traffic back to a website than any other network site, including Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the best part, I also believe that Pinterest makes you feel happy; the interface gives you a delightful browsing experience.

Lastly, one more aspect that can surely convince you to add a Pinterest account is that you don't have to be a well-established brand to get good analytics. You can still manage to get user's attention on your posts that can further convince them to click and buy the products.

Pinterest strategies that work in 2021

strategies of pinterest

How to use Pinterest for business?

To find true success on Pinterest, we need to think beyond just the image and consider the entire Pinner experience. Of course, you'll get on with a fantastic image; then, you'll add a title and description that add value and invite engagement.

Finally, the Pinner who clicks on your Pin will have a great experience when they reach your website.

Here are certain pointers you need to keep in mind;

Pinterest values fresh pins

  • The emphasis has increasingly grown in the past year and is now fully established.
  • 'Fresh pins' or 'new pins' are defined as images or videos that are entirely new and haven't been seen priory.
  • Just because an image is fresh, it won't guarantee success. A fresh image that leads to irrelevant or poor content is unlikely to be a success.

Relevant pins

  • Previously Pinterest experts advised us to create pins/boards and share content that users would like even though it wasn't in our niche. Well, times have changed.
  • Create and save relevant pins by ensuring your images, copies, and links are related and appeal to your target audience.
  • The algorithm entirely favors more recent and more relevant content. That content will be dispersed more and viewed by a larger audience.

Create more new pins

  • If Pinterest is a strategically important platform for you, then you should focus more on creating fresh Pins, as it will help your content get the most exposure.
  • If you currently make one Pin for each article, blog post, product, or any other piece of content you're creating, try experimenting with new images, titles, descriptions, or different formats to see what gets the highest traffic and most engagement from your audience.
  • This could involve slight adjustments like changes in the background photo, different text overlay, color variations, or border adjustments, to name a few.

Whether it is driving massive traffic to your website or generating leads in the leap, now you know all about Pinterest for business. Multiple significant brands are already smashing it with their creatives, and so can you.

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