Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Pinterest Declares “Pinterest TV” a stoppable live stream option.

Pinterest Declares “Pinterest TV” a stoppable live stream option.


Pinterest Declares “Pinterest TV” a stoppable live stream option.

Pintrest is trying to incline towards the increasing live stream e-commerce trends. This has already achieved huge transactions in some of the Asian countries, through a new initiative platform called Pinterest TV.

Pinterest officials stated that today they are revealing Pinterest TV a series of live, original and stoppable episodes containing content creators rights on Pinterest. Their episodes refreshed every weekdays and it will be recorded and made available for Pinterest users to view whenever required. It also has the option to save the ad and re watch it again.

The new platform of shopping oriented live streams will begin on November 8th. This platform will provide the Pintrest users opportunity to access the exclusive deals and offers inside the application, with engaging and immediate live stream broadcasts.

Pinterest further stated that on every Friday products will appear in live shopping tab where Pintrest users can take benefit of discounts and offers from various brands available. Users just have to click on the TV tab on the upper left corner of the application to view various episodes. Users can even interact with the host and chat and get live answers.

Pinterest is getting insights regarding its own live stream platform as a way to increase its e-commerce presence in the market.

Pinterest TV is creating the evolution in the e-commerce sector for its users by creating a new level of immediate shopping platform and shopping activities directly through the application.

Apart from this, Pinterest is also preparing to launch a new initiative to assist additional creators to launch their own shopping live stream channel in the application.

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