Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility LinkedIn rolls out ‘Dark mode’ for Mobile and Desktop.

LinkedIn rolls out ‘Dark mode’ for Mobile and Desktop.


LinkedIn rolls out ‘Dark mode’ for Mobile and Desktop.

It is a movement of rejoicing for the dark mode fans. LinkedIn has finally launched its dark made option for its Mobile device users as well as desktop users.

The Dark Mode option provides a different color palette for the LinkedIn Application. This feature gives add-on benefits of varying viewing options and goes easy o eyes in low light circumstances.

This is one of the critical features of the dark mode feature. Many users see this as a new skin effect on the standard user interface of their desired Application. The Actual Purpose of the dark mode setting is to limit the exposure of the blue light from the device.

The Blue light display helps your device to improve its readability in the daylight scenario. But during the low light scenario, blue light can lead to a disturbed sleep cycle, making it harder to fall asleep. It is a common household scenario when everyone checks their Mobile before going to bed.

LinkedIn has focused on the two main elements of this feature –

  • Accessibility – This feature meets the required accessibility standards with the color element and the contrast element. This facilitates the reduction of the strain caused to the eyes and considers the light sensitivity. They have adjusted colors in this mode design to meet the color contrast ratio for better text visibility and user interface to accommodate the light and dark backgrounds

  • Inclusivity – LinkedIn has taken this opportunity to present this feature to experience a premium Illustration that matches the dark mode experience. These illustrations capture a wide range of industries and fields which are beyond technology at the same time, represent the professionalism of the user’s profile.        


LinkedIn also takes into consideration to make this platform more inclusive and accessible. LinkedIn has rolled out this feature to all the users from today onwards. LinkedIn is also advising the company page owners to check their brand logo in the new appearance. 

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