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Hottest digital marketing trends to watch out in July 2021

Aug 06, 2021 BY WEBENETIC

Hottest digital marketing trends to watch out in July 2021

While everything seemed to be on pause, nobody had seen much progress in 2020, but a lot was happening on the internet and in the digital domain. It seemed like our world had come to a stand-still, but the only way that kept our lives going was through digital means.

Whether it was to work, connect, or entertain, everything was online. In fact, digital marketing was a central mechanism for the world to come closer and fight during these unforeseen circumstances.

However, now things have begun to start with a new hope. So, what can you do to stay pertinent and updated with this year’s market standard? Well, simply by keeping up with the latest innovations, you can respond to updates and progressions. So what's the hottest approach in 2021?

We’ll take you through the super five digital marketing trends to foster some mega marketing campaigns.

Live streaming

live streaming

Many digital experts have shed light on video optimization. They've marked their words by declaring video as the future! In fact, multiple major events were held online using live video streaming.

If predictions are to be believed, video is going to spice up the internet space even more. So, even if you're camera conscious, mold yourself to be a video person to get that revenue metrics.

Also, who would have thought of attending a meeting or thanksgiving will hop on zoom call…it has become a new normal now.

Lastly, how can we not mention social platforms adapting video as a new feature for businesses and end-users? Not only did TikTok, but Instagram Reels had also implemented an identical concept of video communication.

Even other business social platforms like  LinkedIn and  Twitter have the live streaming tab for users to explore.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you; the industries have adapted live video streaming up to 99 percent.

Thanks to the pandemic, quarantine, and social distancing regulations, individuals turn to video to stay sane and connected.

Recreating nostalgic campaigns

creating campaign

Did you ever catch yourself murmuring some random brand jingle from the 90s? If yes, then that's what we call nostalgia. Traditional marketing commercials were planned so effectively that they made room in our minds for decades.

Entrepreneurs understood from adopting past marketing ads to reignite that emotional code, blend it with strategies, design a robust marketing campaign, and simply remix old notions with a new level of technicality to bring alive a solid passionate connection to the brand.

Prominent brands like  Gucci and  Nike have incorporated nostalgia campaigns by bringing back some classic advertisements with a modern touch. We'll give you one more example so that you can resonate with exactly what we're trying to convey.

When we were home quarantined, most of us spent most of the time remembering good old days, of a time with no complications. Many people reminisce about their favorite cinema pact with romance, thrill, and humor.

Now that you agree, how 90s charm could still make you fall for it. Then why not pivot your marketing tactic that your audiences can feel connected to.

Customer-centric content

It's the third most digital trend on our list. Even though the update is not out of the box, its effect has skyrocketed this year.

Businesses are diverting to social media to promote products and increase online engagement. But here, we're specifically focusing on building genuine connections with your audiences.

Customer-centric content signifies sharing videos, images, or posts that can relate to your followers. Nowadays, people want to see your real side. They love to see your achievements and learn from your struggles.

So, try to post content that is authentic and candid.

Using "paid ads" can boost your content, but the results will not stay long. So if you want to keep your customers beside in your progression journey, emphasize generating user-related content.

We would like you to note that even if you don't generate new content, again and again, it's okay unless you re-post existing content that gave you favorable responses. For instance: many influencers tag a post using #throwback.

User Generated Content

user generated content

Now, this trend is one of the most effective and efficient marketing strategies that shot through the roof. The number of businesses turning to social media for marketing is unbelievable, with more than 86% of them using UGC but not in your typical 'paid ads' way. 

User-Generated Content includes pictures, videos, or reviews that you often see brands re-posting or a user's feed.

Often, it's from an influencer having a paid partnership with the brand, and other times, they're reviews from an actual customer who loves the particular brand or its product. Either way, this type of campaigning is candid, real, relatable, and influential.

It all comes down to one simple truth of word-of-mouth strategy, as people typically trust other people more than directly the brand itself.

We all expect a brand to self-promote and boast itself, but when it's a third-person praising the brand, we're all ears, right?

Branded Content

It wouldn't be an understatement to say the digital market is saturated with paid ads. Users don't want down force-fed, down your throat type of ads anymore. Times have changed, so we need to step up our game and change as well.

They don't just want to be sold a product or service. They want value, experience, and entertainment along with it.

Branded content marketing helps us provide just that to our customers. Branded content is 20 times more engaging than your usual display ads, as it encourages the audience to engage and connect with your brand instinctively and naturally through the entertaining, informative, or inspirational value your content provides.

The best-branded content ads market in the most subtle ways.

For instance,  Bumble social media dating, but users don't see it as just that. They view it as an improvement, a movement of feminism.

Another great example is the feature film 'Lego movie.' You know you have succeeded at branded content marketing when your audience is so entertained that they don't even realize they are being marketed to.

If you want to succeed in the digital world, you need to constantly be aware and updated on the latest trends and techniques that change by the minute. Remember, if you snooze, you lose in this cutthroat competition.

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