Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Instagram rolls out a new “Map Search” option to Boost Business Discovery.

Instagram rolls out a new “Map Search” option to Boost Business Discovery.


Instagram rolls out a new “Map Search” option to Boost Business Discovery.

Instagram has introduced a live test of a tool called Map Search in Australia and New Zealand. This feature allows the users to find the business and location of their desired interest in the application. This assists the users in finding the information related to the listed company. It also allows the users to publically post and tag that particular business along with the location.

Users who can access this feature are prompted on the Map icon in the Discovery tab. In that tab, they can find the new map search experience, which initially shows cafés, restaurants, and other businesses.

When you tap on the new location on the map, it expands and shows more elaborated information regarding that particular place. For a specific business, it displays Hours of working, exact addresses, and various price variations. It also displays a connection to their Instagram profile and displays reviews and photos posted by the public tagged in that location.

Initially, there were not many business owners displaying price variation in the listing. It may be built on the Instagram business page, which will provides various options to its customers. For restraint’s business, it may include approximate per-person cost or approximate two-person cost. 

This is a fascinating platform provided by Instagram which connects the users and the listed business, which is one of the vital components of Instagram.

The tab in which the public stories are shared using location will also be shown in the map with the round image instead of the square, along with the colored stories ring.

Instagram had removed the location stories in the last year due to the platform’s pre-election charges in the USA, which was built to limit the spread of misinformation.

There is no doubt this feature will be a very innovative and engaging feature for the users and business owners. Instagram has not further stated regarding the full launch of this feature. They might test this feature in some other countries as well. 

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