Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Instagram Replaces Swipe up link stories with functional link stickers.

Instagram Replaces Swipe up link stories with functional link stickers.


Instagram Replaces Swipe up link stories with functional link stickers.

Instagram is Planning to replace the swipe-up link feature with a functional link feature, enabling users to promote their products creatively and innovatively. This is an excellent effort by Instagram to improve stories interaction and engagement.

Instagram is trying to foresee that external links are shared in the story in a frame format that looks creative and innovative. The current swipe-up feature would be permanently deactivated from Instagram and replaced with the link sticker's all-new innovative feature.

Further,  Instagram has stated that all those who are currently using the swipe-up link feature for the stories will use this feature until the end of the month, along with the functional link feature.

Benefits of functional link sticker feature


1.A Clean Story creation experience – This new update will provide a unique, cleaner user interface that looks more creative as well as innovative


2.Enhanced creative- The new feature will be in a similar format as the sticker used for Questions, polls, dates, etc., which will give the creator of the post upper hand creativity, which can be optimized in different styles and shapes.


3.More Engagement - The ultimate purpose of sharing links is to generate engagement on the provided link. The user will get a creative sticker link which will, in turn, create more attention for the post, as well as a link which is provided


Currently, the swipe-up feature is situated at the bottom of the page. In a new update, the creator can place the link sticker anywhere on the post, giving the creator an upper hand in creating and designing the post. Instagram further stated that they are planning to provide the link feature to all the Instagram users soon for more engagement for the various posts.

Let's look at the security end

Instagram will focus on the reliability and safety of the users, and it will keep a watch on the links shared by the users to ensure the safety and security of the user. This would be a step to avoid spam links or unwanted links.


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