Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Instagram has now made it mandatory to enter the D.O.B

Instagram has now made it mandatory to enter the D.O.B


Instagram has now made it mandatory to enter the D.O.B

Instagram is initiating measures to protect the young generation of Instagram users. With the latest update, Instagram is making it mandatory to add a birth date in the application for the users who have previously not included their date of birth while creating an account.

Instagram has stated that they want to create a safer and more private experience for the young and dynamic Instagram users. To do so, they must know what the age of everyone on the Instagram platform is. So they have started asking the users to share their date of birth with Instagram if they have not added it while creating the Instagram account.

Instagram, in its latest update, in a message prompt will ask the Instagram users to fill in their date of birth. If the user ignores it or selects the not nor option, then the account will be temporarily locked, and the user can use the account after filling mandatory date of the birth option.

Apart from this prompt, Instagram will also begin asking the user’s date of birth when displaying a warning screen on a post with an age an additional measure to enter the date of birth by the user.

This will, in turn, make the users mandatory to add their date of birth, which Instagram will use to manage better and protect the interests of the young Instagram users from the unwanted exposure from the application.

Earlier March, Instagram had applied new restrictions on adults who want to send messages to users under 18 who are not following them.

Instagram is also currently working on a new Instagram project for kids, but many organizations opposed it. But maybe Instagram might turn out to be a better approach for kids as well as parents. We can wait for the same.

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