Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Instagram avails story link stickers to all users

Instagram avails story link stickers to all users


Instagram avails story link stickers to all users

One of the most awaited news for Instagram users has been announced

Instagram has declared today that link stickers are now made available to all the users inside the Instagram stories section. It is now available for account holders with ten thousand followers or verified profiles with a blue tick and all the users irrespective of followers.

When they initially introduced story links to the users, Instagram stated that this element was accessible only for the limited users, which included verified profiles and users with 10k followers. They had received many requests from the users and community that they also want to avail this feature and share links with friends and family. From today onwards, all the Instagram users would share link stickers in the stories regardless of the account size.

All the users on the Instagram platform would use the link sticker feature in the stories section. This feature was initially introduced by Instagram as a crucial link-sharing option for the instead of swipe up feature back in August.

Undoubtedly, Reels is an essential element of the platform. Still, Instagram stories have integrated into a comprehensive video push, which might eventually turn this platform around stories and reels explicitly, alongside the traditional feeds taking a back step and users likely to shift to new option along with the separate tab in the application.

This update makes stories more crucial to create engagement on the platform. And can drive a good amount of traffic from them, which creates more importance, making this a more meaningful announcement.

Instagram does consider that new accounts and the old accounts that frequently share content that goes against the community guidelines will not be able to use the link sticker in the stories feature; however, the detail qualifies as a new account not confirmed.

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