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How to Build a Robust Influencer Marketing Strategy

Jul 31, 2021 BY WEBENETIC

How to Build a Robust Influencer Marketing Strategy

Social media is flourishing, so is the expansion of PR and online influencers. With an influencer's goodwill, businesses create brand awareness and recognition on multiple networks.

Praise, a compliment, or a call from these people, can change your customer’s buying behavior. Even getting a shout-out from a micro-influencer can have a tremendous impact on your targeted audience. Hence, the term “Influencer Marketing” is proven.

What is a social media influencer?

Social media influencers are users having an established audience base and credibility. These influencers have an influential impact on others and are able to trigger their audience's outlook and perspective. 

Nowadays, almost everyone’s feed is filled with sponsored ads and reviews from any influencer or activist whom they follow on social platforms. Influencers are not restricted to clothing or makeup brands; they also share their favorite snacking, socks, or even a scrunchie as part of their marketing. 

No wonder why branding managers prefer to promote their products and services using influencer campaigns rather than celebrities. They know their audiences love to hear from real people like them, as they sound authentic and genuine. Also, customers love to buy what their favorite humans are endorsing and can easily trust their recommendations.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing allowing brands to endorse and promote their products and services through an influencer, content creator, and marketers. They have a significant level of knowledge and social influence that helps create a brand leading to sales.

Social media influencer marketing - side hustle or a full-time income

Influencers can definitely benefit the business; now, let’s see if influencer marketing can benefit themselves?

It’s a kind of contradiction, whether influencer marketing is significant as side cash or can be considered for a full-time income. Let me remind you that influencer marketing has existence for the past 15 years. 

During the initial days, Facebook and Twitter were the only mega-platforms that had respondents on them. Influencers were active on these networks and used to held influencing activities using posts and stories. 

Well, the mechanism still hasn’t changed. Now also, influencers are responsible for doing branding particular products or services. The only difference is they do it on a broader segment using multiple ways. New platforms have been added to the list, from which they can choose based on the content type.

For instance: People who chose to convey their message using video shall go for YouTube or TikTok. At the same time, others who want to reach a larger audience can go for Instagram's influencer marketing strategy, as it has little of everything. In contrast, others who excel in communication can opt for Facebook or blogging through write-ups.

How to frame an Influencer marketing strategy?

frame a influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is not a trend; instead, it will stay forever like an online marketing chapter. It’s popular now and will continue to be in the next year and the following years. Therefore, today is the correct time to learn and incorporate your future strategies. 

Like any potent marketing tactic, building an influencer strategy will ensure you to be ready with a processed plan. Along with it, you need to prepare metrics to measure the process along the way. 

Set your goals, document them, and frame key performance indicators: Any good marketing plan starts with goals. Similarly, when you think of running an influencer campaign, make sure to think of short and long-term goals. The foremost and ultimate goal is to generate sales.

Let’s see other objectives that should be aligned to achieve your result:

Set up an influencer program:

If you want to run a successful influencer program, you need to build collaborative relationships with leading, niche-related social media influencers and facilitate the online marketing and promotion of your brands.

Enabling brand awareness:

Influencers have a huge number of followers who’re actually their fans. All of them have a keen interest in knowing their daily routine? What’s their favorite food? Go-to place? And other personal interests. 

So, as a brand owner, it’s your plus point that your audiences will learn about your products from their online guru. Even those who’ve never heard before will also get to know for the first time. Also, influencers promote online sales and create engagement on your leading website and social media networks.

Gain influencer’s trust: 

Working with an influencer is a significant association and an excellent investment that can give you valuable returns. But approaching the influencer from your niche is possibly not easy. So how to get influencers to promote your product?

You might have to put a bit of effort into explaining your company vision, plans and give insights on how is your production process, does it cause any harm to society or nature. Making them understand your brand is crucial based on which they further decide to impanel with you officially. 

I know you might think that why will it take so much? But, let me tell you, they’re very protective towards their people. It takes a lot of hard work to build a network which they don’t want to lose because of any brand. 

Capture a new market: 

Once they’re assured about a suitable product for their audience, they could happily use their engagement skills to turn your campaign into a huge success and help people from another zone hear about your products.

Facilitate lead generation:

Finally, you’ll get what you want when done correctly. Yes, I’m talking about sales and lead generation! An influencer’s one dedicated week, including few stories, posts, and a video message, may give you prominent sales from your customers. 

Now that you understood your goal, the next is to recognize the critical performance indicators. Only giving them a brief overview of the campaign will not work; you will also require a solid analytical plan to determine how well your campaign performed

For instance, if your goal is to get the sale closure, you might need to check the promo code and discounted links given to individual influencers to track them. Similarly, if your vision is to increase brand awareness, you may measure that by checking your SEO ranking. Look whether your website visitors have grown, similarly verify the social platforms to check the follower’s number.

Select an influencer type:

As discussed above, influencer marketing is an essential parameter in online marketing and sales. Many influencers are a breadwinner in their family. So, before you start with your campaign, you need to understand which kind of influencer would fit your business requirement.

Suppose if you’ve got a short-term goal and the budget is also limited, you may go for micro-influencers. Their followers are lesser in number, but the influence and engagement rate is more substantial in the particular niche. 

Whereas in macro-influencers, the budget is high, and the target audience is also more extensive in the unit. A typical example of macro-influencers is celebrities (engagement rate is low) and famous influencers. 

So, take ample time to identify your business requirement and accordingly which influencer’s pitch will have a more remarkable impression on customers. The simple way is to observe their previous work, how they will have steered the sales.

Network with influencers:

Once you’re assertive about what you want to do, then it’s time to connect with influencers. The primary way you can connect with them is by looking at who your competitors are working with and their budget, then decide if it suits your pocket and business demand.

5 Steps to find influencers on various platforms

5 steps to find influencers

When you’ve plans aligned with your goal and the kind of influencers you want to reach out to, we can proceed with searching for the right influencers to work with. Following are the steps you need to remember while searching.

  • Does your choice of influencer belong to your niche? For instance, if you’re an Indian clothing brand and want to promote a dress, you should look for influencers who regularly post different traditional looks and festive wear.
  • Have they worked with fellow brands before? If yes, then you can see how much engagement they’ve created in the following campaigns. The more response you can see, the better results you can expect.
  • Seek through your follower’s account – Scroll through your follower’s account and check if they follow any of the influencers from your niche. It’s a smart way to find an influencer who is already loved by your ideal customer.
  • Using hashtags – It’s a simple and effective way to find out trending influencers using popular hashtags. If you feel you can resonate with their work and see greater engagement in their activities, you could connect with them.

Influencer marketing is ever-lasting, and it’s going to grow more in the future. Any brand from every industry can genuinely benefit from influencers, irrespective of their budget. In fact, you can easily find influencers from various age groups and regions.

As per the trusted sources, about $13 million of the influencer market is forecasted to grow in 2021. So, if you haven’t experimented yet, then now is the time. Either to make sales or get the word out, use creative influencer marketing to craft your business growth.

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