How to use Quora successfully for Business

The internet is full of entertainment as well as educational websites, and Quora remains amongst the top. A community-fuelled question and answer website with 300 million monthly active users looking for answers to their never-ending questions each passing moment.

How is Quora a beneficial site for marketers?

A question-and-answer site like Quora might not seem like the most exciting addition to your marketing strategy. However, Quora, with its vast audience base comprising of well-intentioned curious knowledge-seekers. Quora is excellent at generating organic awareness, branding and can even help you learn more about your audience.

On this Q&A platform, you can get:

Vast reach: Quora is one of the best user-generated content  (UGC) platforms around where you can share content with more than 300 million users.

Search visibility: Quora questions are searchable via Google. Your content on this platform remains evergreen, driving people back to your site whenever the particular issue is trending.

High-quality traffic: Drive users back to your website by answering their questions and demonstrating how your service or product can solve their problems.

Insights: you get accurate insights and analytics of your content and how your audience is engaging with it.

Authority and Influence: by providing genuine, accurate, and useful information to your audience, you can establish a name and authority for yourself in your niche.

Reaping direct ROI from Quora is not the main goal. The main goal is to increase brand awareness and organic traffic for your website, the same as most social media sites.

Ash of Smart Hustle says:

"However, hustling or selling is exactly what you shouldn't be doing on Quora. Instead, aim to spread knowledge."

So the question arises;

How do you market on Quora? Here's how:

  • Create the optimal profile

create the optimal profile

Adding as much information as you can on your profile page makes you seem an active and legit user of Quora.

Your profile picture, background picture, and a clear-crisp bio are elemental factors.

Every time a user sees your answer, a bit of your bio is viewable above it. This is an excellent opportunity to extend a bit of branding.

To set up a topic-specific bio, go to your profile page. Click on the pencil logo (credentials and highlights) on the right upper corner; you'll see a list of "Knows About" topics. Below each topic is a space to "Describe your experience." Clicking here will let you set a topic-specific bio.

Take your Quora profile from basic to the next level by adding more detail, such as:

  • Add a detailed 'About Me' section
  • Include your areas of expertise and interests
  • Add your cities, schools & colleges you've attended
  • Previous companies
  • Connect to your other social media accounts

All of this can help you get discovered actively on Quora and making it easier for people to find you when they're looking for Quora users to answer their questions.

You can also spend some time browsing through answers and upvoting any that catch your eye as upvotes appear on your public profile and can be a good sign that you are an active and contributing user on the site.

  • Track topics with notifications

This is a fantastic feature of Quora, especially for marketers.

You can learn what people are currently asking about your industry, and you can get directly notified about these questions and answers.

To begin with, simply type into the search bar the topics you'd like to follow. Additionally, Quora will give you a list of autocompleted suggestions related to your search topic.

You can follow blog posts and other users as well.

To ensure that your email notifications are set up appropriately, go to your Settings and click on Email & Notifications. There you can completely customize the specificity and frequency of the emails you receive from Quora.

Each time you log into your Quora account, your feed will contain the latest and best Q&A from the topics, blogs, and users that you follow.

  • Find questions relevant to your niche to answer:

Answering questions is an excellent way to establish authority and expertise in your industry.

Search for your chosen topic and choose a question that fits your business and niche.

Find threads with loads of upvotes. The upvotes signal that these questions are viewed a lot. An answer to such questions could potentially lead to thousands of views a day and dozens or even hundreds of clicks back to your site.

Find new questions as you may stand a greater chance of remaining on the top of the answers list the earlier you get there.

  • Promote value and information, not yourself.

After choosing a relevant question, the approach you take to answer it is crucial.

The secret of building a reputation on Quora is to answer questions about which you have a deep level of understanding and knowledge. Your own business is obviously a thing in which you possess the expertise, and that's where you could begin. You should then look at the field your company focuses on and provide information to questions related to that domain.

The platform wants its users to generate valuable and informative content. Find out what your audience wants to read about, what queries or issues they might have, and help them by creating worthwhile content for them to read about.

When you contribute accurate, informative, and relevant information through your content that your target audience may find value in, you create an impression of authority in your domain, cultivating a sense of know, like, and trust among your users rather than just promoting yourself or your business.

  • Get creative with your content:

Content is key in the digital world. Incorporate rich written as well as visual media whenever contributing to Quora. Patience, consistency, creativity, relevancy, and authenticity are essential to thrive on this platform.

The best answers generally provide references, sources, and statistics— specific, concrete details that support your statement. Personal experiences are a great tool, sometimes resulting in being the most successful answers, but usually require much more time to create.

  • Track your progress.

Quora provides free analytics tool for its users, providing you with a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • Views
  • Shares
  • Upvote

Displaying stats for each of the following categories:

  • The answers you give
  • The questions you ask
  • All the content you contribute
  • The blog posts you write
  • Get social

get social

Quora is a social media platform and not just a search engine. This means you need to be "social" while using it. While learning how to utilize Quora for marketing purposes, you need to keep in mind the gravity of engaging with potential leads and customers.

Just like most social media platforms, Quora allows users to directly communicate with other users. For brands, this is a fantastic way to enhance their relationships with existing as well as potential customers.

The platform also gives the opportunity to businesses to address any queries or concerns your customers may have. According to Sprout Social, 55% of people call out brands to land a response or resolution.

Find the people talking about your business or product and respond to them in a helpful and meaningful way. The more value you provide to your consumers, the more likely it is that you can turn unhappy clients into advocates.

Another way to get more 'Social' is to link your Quora account with other social media handles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

This approach can help you reach a wider audience through your answers.

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