How can you know your local real estate market?

Top-earning agents are experts in their local real estate markets. They know all the ins and outs of buying, selling, or renting a home!

The best way to make it big in real estate is by knowing your market like you're an expert. Top earners have one thing that makes them stand out from others, they know everything about the area including how much cost per square foot, what kind of homes can be suitable for family size and needs, etc.

Information for first-time real estate investors

Various factors shape the economy, such as marketplace data, which is important to keep up with to provide accurate information, offer appropriate solutions, and build a solid influencer market strategy. This knowledge will benefit your clients immensely by giving them an advantage over their competitors who do not know these tricks.

One way to minimize risk in real estate is by becoming a market expert. Learning about your local real estate market prices, the areas with good schools and other amenities will allow you to maximize your profit potential and help avoid losing money on properties that are less desirable or overpriced.

Becoming a sharp student of the area's housing landscape can go a long way towards providing more significant opportunities for success while minimizing risks associated with purchasing a property.

Look at the bigger picture of your real estate business

Before we go deep into the details, let's see some background of the real estate market first. Real estate is one of those industries that can be heavily influenced by environmental and political forces such as natural disasters or international trade agreements.

Social dynamics like immigration patterns affecting property values in certain regions more than others. On top of that, rising market competition makes it more solid for real estate companies to survive in the long run.

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Broader economic trends such as inflation rates influence people's buying decisions, whereas low-interest mortgages steer buyers to purchase homes instead of renting them for an equivalent amount per month.

Additionally, four factors are shaping the industry:

four factors for real estate industry

  • Demand is more than just the quantity of homes wanted. Demand also denotes a buyer’s willingness and ability to purchase a home, as well as their desirability for that particular property at this time.
  • Rarity refers to the limited supply of certain property types in particular locations, so sellers are always ready and able. With the high demand for homes among buyers these days, properties don't last long on the market before eager house-hunters snap them up.
  • The utility is the ability of a commodity to be used. But, not all commodities are suitable for use. For example, if an individual purchases property with asbestos on it, they will need to have the problem resolved before any potential buyer can purchase and live in their home.
  • Transferability is the ability of a home to change hands legally. For example, suppose all other elements line up, and you discover that the seller's name isn't on the title or another legal encumbrance with deed but can find someone else who has the same permissions to sell it. In that case, they could purchase this property from them as well.

The following ten core economic principles are at play. Knowing them can help your clients with pricing, purchasing, and selling decisions:

  • Anticipation is a crucial and overlooked factor in determining the value of the real estate.
  • Balance is a term for when the production agents are economically stable. These agents include land, labor, capital, and coordination, which all work together to bring commodities or services into the market space.
  • The change in value is influenced by the outside world as well.
  • Competition is the war between property holders to see who can get your consumer's attention. For example, there's competition for office buildings or retail stores, and this impacts both.
  • Conformity is more similar to a property in the same category or location, the higher its value will be.
  • Real estate value is impacted by external conditions, which can be a combination of the following four forces: economic, social, political, and environmental. These factors make it difficult for an investor to know what their investment will look like in just three years when they buy today's property because these factors are constantly changing over time.
  • Supply and demand is the key to understanding real estate prices. When the supply of a certain property type or location increases, some people will become disinterested in buying that particular product because they can't afford it anymore. This leads to more buyers for other properties with lower prices, causing those cheaper homes to go up even higher than before.

Understanding the real estate market could be rewarding

understand real estate market

While it seems to be a great deal of work for tracking down and studying all that information, the rewards are massive. For example, you can:

With all the data about your performance at hand, you can now see how many agents there are competing with and their experience levels. You also get to compare yourself against other people in your brokerage and those living close by.

This will not only give insight into what goals you should set for yourself financially, but it will allow you to measure progress easily!

  • The market is in your control. You will know what's fueling or stalling it, and whether you're dealing with a buyer’s or seller’s market so that you can keep both of your expectations in check as they seek to buy/sell property from one another.
  • Offer advice to help clients make the right decisions. Understanding your market and pricing a property are just two things that will grow your real estate business over time.
  • You'll be able to see the competition for your clients and get a better idea of what they should offer or how much they can ask. You can gain a better understanding of your own home's worth, in addition to what the average property is selling for. By accessing this valuable information online and comparing it with recent sales, you'll be able to make an informed decision on how much money you should ask.

Ways to know your local real estate market better.

Local market trends can help you make informed decisions about when to buy or sell goods. Making changes in this respect could lead to a considerable difference in your profits and savings, so be sure that the data is carefully reviewed before making any significant moves! Let's see some ways to know this market.

Scour data from brokerage firms

The local real estate market is constantly changing. To keep up, you'll want to monitor the quarterly reports from brokerage firms that have access to a wide range of information on properties for sale and their prices as well as how quickly they sell-off.

Brokerage reports are a great way to catch up, but they're only helpful for the past. If you want to see data on what's happening now, it's best not just to look at old contracts and check out current prices too!

Get insights from various information channels.

It can be a challenge to know all the different perspectives in your community. But this is where local news outlets, social media channels, and bloggers come into play! They give you another point of view on what's going on locally. Just remember that widening your perspective will help you learn more about the place you live!

Take note of market indicators.

The housing market is cyclical, which means you have to be mindful of the current trends. If you're looking for a short-term purchase in an area with rising prices, now's your chance!

However, if this house is meant as a long-term investment or you want to keep it through different markets cycles, then understand that values will eventually fall when they get too high - so only sell after things start increasing again.

If you're looking to settle down and live in your new home for the foreseeable future, it's best if an area has good schools, low crime rates, and plenty of opportunities.

Study local market scales

Understanding the market cycles is crucial when making decisions as it will not always be in its current state. The local consumer behavior and economic activity contribute to why these rates trend up or down, affecting capitalization rates, vacancy rates, rent prices, etc. Understanding the market cycles is a desirable trait for any savvy real estate investor.

Look at Local Market Data from Title Companies

There are many different ways to get a grasp of the local real estate market. Local title companies can be your best resource when looking for recent sales and trends in an area, so you should check there first if you're buying or selling property locally.

Examine the Local Area 

To find the perfect street for you, check out your town by visiting it and looking at what's available. You can also have a top performer help you buy something in that area, so they know everything about it.

Check Out Real Estate Listing Platforms

If you're looking for a new home, don't just rely on your gut. There are plenty of resources out there to help narrow down the perfect match! For instance, check out big listing platforms data and study what is presently active and pending in that area.

To find out where the next big trend will be, look for upgrades to buildings or new construction. If any renovations are going on in one area that can mean it's an up-and-coming place to rent property because people want to live and work nearby.

Look for real estate Information on a Particular Demographic

Property marketers need to remain diligent in their efforts and gather as much information about the current market trends. For instance, you can make a checklist of renovated or non-renovated homes at different prices; the average time it takes before an area home gets sold off by its owner.

County offices can make it easier for you to find the most pertinent information. County officials are always looking out for your best interests, and they know how to get just what you need on their website with a few clicks of your mouse.

A real estate agent can be your best friend when it comes to buying an investment property. Agents know what properties are currently on the market, how high they're priced, and whether that price is good for you as a buyer.

Things you need to know about the local real estate market

things about local real estate

Now that you know to understand and learn your real estate market take a closer look at how these factors affect it. Start by collecting this data:

Would you like to see an overview of the factors affecting the local realtors?

  • Your firm spiking and market share
  • The performance in your local market of every competitor
  • Demanding real estate services
  • Listing and sales data such as prices of the properties and average volume sold
  • Statistics (population data)
  • Other social, economic, environmental, and political data as it affects your unique area

Your real estate broker, the multiple listing service (MLS), or a professional organization can help you track down that information. You could also turn to these sources for additional data or to fill in gaps:

  • Banks and credit unions
  • Federal Reserve System
  • Builder associations
  • Key local employers
  • Local building department
  • Business review journals
  • Mortgage brokers and bankers
  • Municipal planning commission
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • School district
  • County office
  • Tax appraiser's office
  • Data service organizations
  • Title companies
  • Electric company
  • Water company
  • Visitor's bureau
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Board


Agents who are successful at achieving their goals take the time to know what they're doing. They make it a point to fully understand which markets they work in, how real estate works in those areas and why specific strategies will or won't be effective.

The more you can learn about your field of expertise, the better you'll be as an agent. You need to be an outstanding agent if you want your clients to refer friends and family and keep coming back.

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