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Guest Posting a Fresh Perspective!


Guest Posting a Fresh Perspective!

Guest posting, also commonly known as guest blogging, is writing blogs or content for another website. Guest posting offers mutual benefits to both the guest blogger as well as the website hosting the guest; in other words, guest posting is a two-way street.

Why is guest posting important?

When it comes to SEO, instead of you constantly creating new content on your own site, guest posting on other sites might result in being five times more valuable (as long as you get backlinks).

By sharing your expertise and content on other websites like PDF submission sites, Document submission sites, classified ads submission sites, etc., you can establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other prospects in your field and promote your brand to an entirely new audience.

Furthermore, featuring guest posts of other writers on your own blog will help you deliver fresh content and new perspectives to your audience. We all can slack and fall into a routine, growing tired of the same old stuff; and thus featuring guest posts is a great way to keep readers engaged, along with the promotional boost that follows when your guest bloggers share their blogs with their own personal network of viewers.

Benefits of guest posting:

  • Attract traffic back to your website
  • Increase your brand awareness and credibility
  • Boost your domain authority with the help of external links to high-authority domains
  • Build relationships with peers in your industry.

How do you get started with guest posting?

Relevant links:

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is when adding the link in your guest post that directs viewers back to your website is to add a relevant link. The link should direct viewers to a related/niche-specific blog on your websites and not your home page or some random post on your site.

Choice of anchor text:

When you do a guest post, keyword research is crucial. You should know precisely what keywords or phrases you wish to rank for, increase your visibility based on how much traffic they bring in.


Conclude every post with a call-to-action that asks viewers to carry out activities such as sharing and liking the post and leaving comments. The more users share and comment on your blog, the more popular your post will become in SEO searches.

Create blogs targeting amateurs:

Usually, when users google a question or click a referral link on Facebook, Twitter, or any blog, it’s because they don’t know the answer or they are unfamiliar with that particular subject.

The most high-ranking and successful guest posts are the ones that create blogs that are user-friendly and easily understandable by beginners, especially if you aim to get that post well indexed on google.

Things to keep in mind while guest posting:

  • You need to be careful and considerate about creating high-value guest posts for legitimate websites that will help in building your domain authority and boosting SEO ranking and also help to avoid relating your content with other spammers
  • Never go for spam bloggers who try to bribe blog owners to let them post low-quality content for their own SEO and link-building benefit.
  • Your guest blogs should be intended to help and educate your viewers, not promote your own product, service, or website. Guest posting for the sole purpose of generating mass backlinks may result in your website getting penalized by Google’s algorithm.
  • Use Google Analytics to track how much traffic your guest post is generating. This will give you a broader idea of what your viewers wish to read about and see what works best for your business.
  • Select sites that attract your target audience. This will help you provide valuable information through great content.

Is guest blogging still a valuable SEO strategy?

The answer is yes. Guest posting is still a great SEO strategy that is executed correctly. Patience, consistency, and selectivity play a key role in guest posting.

List of high DA guest posts:




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