Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Google rolls out its “Frightgeist” Halloween Trends mini-site for 2021.

Google rolls out its “Frightgeist” Halloween Trends mini-site for 2021.


Google rolls out its “Frightgeist” Halloween Trends mini-site for 2021.

Users worldwide searching for inspiration for their Halloween costume or theme of the year, then here is the solution for them by Google. An upgraded version of its Frightgeist trends mini-site. This is an outline key costume trend, which is based on google search volume across the USA.


All the house icon in the map shows additional details of local costume trend. When the user taps on the house icon, it shares more detailed information regarding the search activity. It also provides which costume is more prevalent in which area.


Google has also introduced a costume wizard. This will recommend costume ideas to the users based on a particular location and preferred style, whether classic or modern. The user can also select the uniqueness level and spookiness level.


If the user wants to wear a standard costume in a particular area, the user can use the google search trends to get guidance regarding a specific approach. 


Google has also shared some largely Halloween search trends to help the user to inform particular thinking.


There is no prize for guessing the top searched Halloween outfit trend as follows-

  1. Squid Game
  2. Gorilla 
  3. Brtiney Spear
  4. Carnage
  5. Venom 

    Yes, the Squid Game is Netflix’s sensation. This is a trending Halloween costume of the year, followed by Gorilla. 


Google states that “Trixie and Timmy Turner” and “Bonnie and Clyde” are both famous couple outfits trending during this period. The squid game is also one of the tops searched outfits for the dogs during the season.


It seems pretty conclusive. There an also a google map guide for the Halloween event. Many exciting visions could help Google users to plan out their Halloween.

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