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New extended Google meet feature for classroom

Aug 12, 2021 BY SHUBHAM MANE

New extended Google meet feature for classroom

Google had shared an update about virtual meetings via workspace blog post that “we are expanding the moderation controls in google meet for meetings with many requested features.” 

According to the information, Google is making some important changes to GMeet for the workspace. It added security features making limitations for those who share screens in a meeting.

Another change is that meeting hosts can control who could send chat messages, deactivate all users, and end meetings. The third and important feature is the “Quick Access” setting, which makes it easy to control who could request permission to join a meet. “We hope that these extensive controls will allow you to secure meetings and avoid interruptions,” a statement by Google.

These safety devices were available till now for Google Workspace for customers related to education. From now on, they will be available to all Google Meet users on mobile and desktop. For Google workspace users, Quick Access Control will be enabled; once it is enabled, meeting participants in your domain can automatically join the meeting from a desktop device or mobile and also by signing in.

After disabling fast access, the organizer needs to first join the virtual meeting. Without asking, only invited participants can join. For other participants that are already login must request to join the meeting. No unnamed user could join the meeting, and only the host can leave the meeting.

When will this feature be available?

Web-users and android could benefit from these new features from August 16, and it will be rolling out gradually with visible functions up to 15 days. For the iOS and Google meet users, new features will be starting from August 30.

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