Facts About SEO Responsible for Ranking | 2021

It's that time of the year to look at your annual analytics and decide what 2021 has stored for SEO professionals like you. Many SEO experts have shed some light on things to consider while analyzing future strategies. 

Firstly, they said to put yourself at the user's place and ask whether the content is actually valuable, think about your brand trust, and administered website optimization and it is mobile-friendly.

But, this isn't everything. There's a lot more to peep into while discussing SEO facts in 2021. Every digital marketer around is wondering what SEO best practices will work finely upon SERPs to get valuable returns.

To help you brainstorm before the further meetings, I have listed below some trending SEO tips for this year. Let's see what they are?

Voice search will have a more significant impact.

voice search

Technology has a significant influence on broad segments of digital marketing. As automation has evolved, it has also gained more popularity in revised SEO updates. Owing to innovations like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri, voice search technology has come a long way.

According to a trusted source, about 55 percent of households will own a smart speaker in the next two years. Now that you realized the future scope of voice search, it's time to optimize it efficiently. Make sure to recognize keywords that people use in everyday searches.

Voice searches tend to be lengthier than Google searches. The tone is causal with natural-sounding phrases. Usually, when users type, they tend to compress search queries. For instance, an individual might voice search, 'What are the latest steps to boost your Instagram reach in 2021?' but while searching on chrome, they may type as, 'boost Instagram reach 2021.'

Pivot on user and search intent

user search intent

No matter how many new trends come, user and search intent will never go out of fashion. But each year, the importance increases, so pay close attention to the searcher's detail and behavior. Mainly after 2020, things have taken a new fold. 

Search engines like Google and others are the powerful platform for searching for any query or learning something new, says SEO experts worldwide. Further, they continued saying about its significance in understanding the nature of an individual's search. Search relevance is one of the extremely important tips to rank high for search algorithms. To better help readers with content, you should provide relevant answers to their questions which eventually benefits your business.

Start implementing video strategy for effective SEO outcome.

Video strategy seems to be one step ahead in which YouTube marks the block with more than billions of users on average. If you haven't thought of jumping into video content yet, then today is the time to start. Still not assured? Here's a mind-blowing fact- Video projection surpasses all other content creation types. People consume videos more quickly than any other content form.

The next step is to optimize the video content to the core. The primary method to maximize your video content strategy is through your channel name. It should be unique and eye-catchy. Also, it would be best if you do not stuff the channel description with keywords or sales intent. Also, try to give a good overview of the purpose of your channel. Show your viewers what they can expect and learn from you.

Also, if you're interested in inserting keywords, consider the auto-mated keyword pops up, which is an exclusive feature given by YouTube. Once you start typing your topic, you can see some relevant appearances, which are suggested keywords helping you understand the precise searchers from people.

Fascinate your users through a featured snippet 

A featured snippet is a section that appears at the top of the search results page. It portrays information in a block, often giving results in a question and answer format, a brief overview, listed in bullet points, or presented in a short how-to-do guide. 

Ranking in a featured snippet column is an excellent way to reflect on SERP's first page. The best part is you don't have to grind your brains to write long-form content to grab the first position. In fact, Google has given a simple opportunity for businesses to get prominent visibility by writing short and compelling content to rank in the snippet.

If you plan to goal for the featured snippet, use the function 'people also ask' to get trending and relevant keywords based on the user's search query, eventually creating snippets using images, reviews, product details, and other bobs information.

Use Image's to optimize SEO

optimize SEO

Do you know how far have images reached in SEO? There would be a time in the future, where people will buy products and services based on the image used. For seeking information also images will play the leading role. 

The scope for visual images has largely developed. People love to look at pictures. It's been a long time since Google started insisting businesses optimize images to the core before publishing online. 

If you have been lacking in this department, make sure to get started now. Use high-definition, good quality, and relevant image that is customized as per your content. Use alt-tags so that bots can categorize the image. Lastly, do not forget to add the picture on the site map for easier crawling.

To make your website user-friendly, optimize mobile-friendly criteria

mobile friendly website

Google has claimed the importance of mobile-friendly websites more than on desktop. In 2019, an official update was laid regarding mobile indexing as the first criteria to boost your online traffic, which the search engine looks for rather than the desktop version.

Search engines declared this transition based on the user's intent; nearly 75% of the internet is accessed using mobile. In addition, research states that by 2025, people will solely access the web via mobile handsets.

Therefore, to make sure that your website is optimized on mobile, check the analytics on the Google search console or take a free mobile-friendly test Do not forget to use meta tags on both mobile and desktop. Also, check for the page alignment and flow to give a clear web visual on mobile devices.

Eradicate the hunger for SEO optimized sites using the Google EAT principle

googe EAT principle

Google has reuttered that quality content is the throne for web ranking. But, what should concern you is how does Google qualify a quality content, rather than working on your own definition of quality content.

Pertain to the EAT principle, which teaches 'expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.' You need to keep in mind all three factors while creating a write-up. Especially for businesses or small businesses engaged in the healthcare, fitness, and finance industry to grow, these principles are a must to boost content reach without causing any penalty.

The primary way to focus on creating quality content is to frame a buyer's persona. Understanding what your buyers want will give you an overview of what type of content your readers will value.

Secondly, carry out a user search intent that assists you in mapping the customer journey. Finally, choose a format that your users prefer to go through the content. For instance, if you have adolescent buyers, they would love to binge-watch videos. In contrast, adults might be more interested in blogs and articles.

While crafting content, consider giving relevant facts and figures, give an example of the latest statistics, provide 'edu' or 'gov' links, include high-quality images, and provide potent backlinks from authoritative sites to fulfill the EAT criteria.

Improve SERPs analytics using long-form content

improve SERP analytics

A long-form content should usually include 3000 words or more. One of the trusted sources shares that an article with a word count of 3000 plus is likely to get three folds more traffic and shares than those below 1200 words.

One of the simple reasons is that lengthy content takes more reading time, instigating a user to stay on your web page for a more extended period. They also include more sets of keywords, images, and triple times more backlinks making it more liable for crawling.

Writers who love to put their thoughts on paper, then it's a bonus for them. They have the liberty to share relevant information that users are engaged in while maintaining the content quality at its peak.

Use 'Google Discover' to curate new content