Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Facebook will now count separate Ad Reach data on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook will now count separate Ad Reach data on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook will now count separate Ad Reach data on Facebook and Instagram.

Today, the social network site has announced that they have started counting users who have not connected their Facebook and Instagram accounts in the account center as unique for advertising purposes. Facebook will now assume that your Facebook and Instagram are two different users. This is a substantial update for Facebook advertisers.

Facebook officials explained that from today, if anyone does not have their Facebook and Instagram accounts linked in the accounts center, then they will consider these accounts as separate user accounts for ad planning and measurement. The accounts connected in the account center will carry on to be counted as together as a single person. This update will be rolled out within few weeks.

Facebook account center is reachable from the user’s setting in each app. This enables you to connect your account on each platform. This helps users do various activities like cross-posting multiple contents, using single login credentials for all applications, using Facebook pay, and many other options.

Due to this functionality, most Facebook and Instagram users synchronized their accounts, specifically those who run Facebook pages for Ads purposes. But currently, many people have not done this, and from now onwards, Facebook will count them distinctively for the ad's performance status.

Due to the current update, it could make Facebook ads reach statics look a lot better with a much widen scope, Due to variable accounting. 

This update will impact many advisers in their campaign planning estimate budget and performance report for unique metrics.

This could increase in per–campaign approximations such as the estimated size of the audience, but for most of the users, it might be a substantial effect on campaign reach.

Facebook states that this modification respects users’ choice on how their information is used for Ads.

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