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Facebook updates its data transfer tool

Aug 13, 2021 BY SHUBHAM MANE

Facebook updates its data transfer tool

Facebook has modernized its Transfer Your Information feature i.e. (TYI) that made data portability a better tool for the users. The company also says that the new update will offer much extra control and choice over their data to the users.

Now users can see what types of data and what destinations are supported. Facebook will also offer better clarity around each transfer status that also makes it easier to retry certain transfers.

Facebook has also added the capacity of starting multiple data transfers simultaneously for one destination. There are some filters that will allow people to transfer the data more precisely.

The social media giant has also added two new destinations for information associated with your account on Facebook, Google Calendar, and Photo bucket. So now users might export events data to their calendar.

The company also said that recently in its blog post that “We are also working with our developer’s team to enlarge the selection of destinations and data types we support. Although, to make sure user data is safe both while it is being transferred and after, our company is calling for government regulation to develop new clearer rules about who is responsible to protect the data as it is transferred to different services.”

The company also added that the term that “For now they will be coming up with the new strategy that belongs to open-source Data Transfer Project and keeping innovation in data portability over the industry and push the technology further..”

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