Facebook For Business a Beneficiary Guide For Small Business Owners

If you’re a sole entrepreneur or a brand owner, flourishing on Facebook marketing should be a part of your potential social media strategy. Although many people consider Facebook an afterthought from a business perspective, they focus on favoring other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. But just a little reminder for them that Facebook still influences the online market!

More than billions of people use Facebook every month. Don’t you think these numbers are an awaiting opportunity for any business owners to take advantage of the potential users? It’s a place for them to connect with the audiences and build customer relations.  

If you want to maximize the content reach to the customers, having a presence on Facebook is a must. This blog will help you know the process of attracting and managing your on-site engagement, ultimately leading to actual conversion. To learn more about Facebook marketing optimization, keep reading.

Your go-to-guide for optimizing Facebook for business

1. Set up a Facebook business account 

facebook account

Using social platforms as a viewer is different from what you use as a business owner. An entrepreneur running a business account has to keep his goal and customer’s need in mind. The person should keep an eye on various factors that are accountable for their business growth. A Facebook business account is a key scope for small and existing businesses. 

Benefits you can avail of using a Facebook business account

  • Low-cost marketing strategy
  • Share your business-related information
  • Publishing videos and posts
  • Interact and engage with customers
  • Provide customer support
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Online promotion and advertising

2. Create a Facebook page

facebook page

If you’re looking for a cost-effective approach, we’ve got some excellent news for you! Setting up a Facebook account for your business is totally free. 

Once your page is live, you can start uploading content, mention your contact information, add your official website link, frame a product catalog, and start promoting with your customers. The best part is all these business activities are absolutely free. 

Benefits of Facebook page

Build a mass email list: Getting likes from your followers isn’t enough for your business growth. To keep them motivated and stick by your side for the long term, you need a constant communication mode. 

The more brilliant way to connect with your audiences is by using emails. Create your fan-based Facebook community so that you won’t lose contact in any unforeseen circumstances. One of the proven systems to do so is asking them to sign up for a newsletter, participate in contests, and host giveaways. 

Also, be conscious about how you manage your leads. Don’t bombard their inbox by shooting unwanted emails daily. Like your aunt visiting you on Christmas eve is exceptional rather than coming to see you each weekend!

While dropping a mail, make sure to give a call-to-action to your main website so that they can turn to be your potential customer one day! Do not forget to give relevant information, as you never know what piece of advice might help them in any course of life. 

Intended audience by interest, demographic, and location: As stated above, more than a billion people are using Facebook on a daily basis. But, do all of them show interest in your business? Will they like and follow your page? In fact, do you want fuzzy users on your page who will not create any engagement on your post? I know all of them are saying a big ‘No’ in their head!

Why not focus on customers who’re like you and can avail genuine benefits from your products and services. Also, you can get good results by deviating activities on targeted audiences. If you’re a local business, I would suggest spending on Facebook paid ads because it is certainly genuine. There is a high probability that your target ads would reach your ideal customer. Besides this, you may also use organic posts, which are free too!

Spy on your followers using insights:  I mean, who doesn’t love spying on others! Well, spying on neighbors is not good, but spying on your followers is great for your business. It allows you to track their activity and interest in your industry.

For getting Facebook insights, you don’t need to be a master in mathematics. Because insights are straightforward to understand, even a non-technical person like me could analyze and learn from them. If you’re willing to seek your user’s information, going through insights is better. 

It gives you an overview of “Page Activity”: 

  • Page likes
  • New followers
  • Number of clicks (phone number, direction, page button)

Glance on “Audience insights.”

  • Page Views
  • Page Reach
  • Page likes (based on age and gender)
  • Locations

Create brand loyalty: Even though you’re using Facebook to create a customer database and online promotion, it also helps you build long-term relations with your customer, which assists in creating brand loyalty. 

Here’s how,

People are more drawn towards honesty! If you’re consistent in spreading authentic, relevant, and valuable information, your followers will tend to stay loyal to you. Even if you fail to upload very often or gave a piece of misleading information it may still connect your users to you. 

Nowadays, people look to find products and services online rather than on e-commerce sites. Before making any purchase, they look for an official Facebook page that to well updated. If you’re not having one, please make it because you might lose customers because of the not optimized page. 

Time, offer event, services: Features bring convenience and global outreach to your business. Facebook for business is essential as it allows you to keep a note of each activity while catering multiple services under one roof. 

With its timing feature, you can plan your entire feed prior to your event. You can schedule your post, which you can shoot on an automated mode. As a business owner, you might want to give numerous offers on your products. Being creative with your graphic team, you can post exciting offers online.

Also, you can run an online event on occasions that are celebrated domestically and globally. For instance: If you’re an in-house cupcake baker and gives door-to-door services in such a case, the official page is enough as a window to your customer unless you plan to own a website.

3. Create a Facebook group to connect with your kind of people

facebook group

Facebook groups are a spot for your followers, customers, readers, or fans who share the same bond and love for topics. This is a place for exchanging viewpoints, giving suggestions, sharing your opinion, exploring ideas, or discussing concerns like covid-19, a global crisis that we all face. It also gives you the liberty to be sarcastic and share memes just for fun! 

While many businesses who’re holding a presence with a cause often promote freedom of speech. They allow their users to be collective and preach what is good. Share the knowledge of wisdom by spreading positivity, and the list goes on.

You can always find a Facebook community page or group for different causes. That’s the beauty of the online era. Millions of people are present online to help you, although situated in the other part of the globe. So, if you want to pass your product information to a significant audience, focus on creating a group on Facebook.

You don’t have to worry about privacy. It’s upon you whether you want to keep your Facebook group public or private. Besides this, you should be firm about sharing the authentic, relevant, and genuine information that spreads love and harmony in your online community.

4. Make use of the Facebook marketplace to sell

Who would’ve thought that one day you can shop online on Facebook? In fact, many businesses have generated profit using social-e-commerce. If you’re seeking new online opportunities to sell your products, consider Facebook – a growing marketplace.

It’s a place for people to discover, buy and sell products. It’s a global marketplace allowing companies to commence business with their Facebook users. People are drawn towards this marketplace as it gives a virtual shopping experience by mentioning every detail of the products, including product title, description, specification, and pricing. 

Also, you can get your shipment updates using Facebook messenger. Or, if you’ve any queries, you may connect with the company executive.

5. Stay connected with your customers using Facebook messenger 

facebook messengers

This is the continuation of #facebook – marketplace.

Think back to 2011 when facebook eliminated the messaging function from the application and launched an entirely new application called “Messenger.” We were all shook by this drastic update. Many were lazy to download it from the play store, being possessive of their phone memory, including me!

Little did we know Facebook has made a smarter move by thinking about its users and business’s future convenience. Many entrepreneurs have started optimizing messenger to share information or messages related to their brand in today’s times. 

In fact, the quantitative reports say that monthly active messages send from companies to their customers worldwide were about 40 million in number. So if you’re launching your business on the Facebook marketplace, do not forget to utilize the messenger.  

You can reap multiple benefits with no cost at all. It keeps you and your customer connected, thereby sharing concerns and requests. This feature is totally free for both brands and customers.

As a business owner, you can conduct sales intent, brew conversation with your audience, build trust related to documentation and secure payment, provide customer satisfaction, and generate leads. 

For any business to sustain itself in the long run, you need effective communication. That’s what messenger gives you. It’s a tool used for streamlining the flow of information with your people. 

6. Lastly, increase your product outreach using a paid ad campaign

product outreach

The fun fact about ad campaigns is, “if you optimize to the right set of audiences, there are high chances that you can gain actual conversion.” However, if you fail to identify your niche and just blindly shoot an ad post, it can be a total nuisance. 

So if you want your digital dollars spent effectively on Facebook ads, then conduct an in-depth insights analysis. Once you got to know about your audience’s needs, wants, and preferences, decide the right time to onboard one. Maybe then you can get a massive return on your investment.

Getting a bang on organic traffic is everyone’s dream, but you know what, let’s face reality! I might sound irrational, but if gaining organic traffic would have been so more accessible, why would Facebook give us such an irreplaceable feature. 

To reach your specific target audience, Facebook for business is the right spot for you. It gives you an opportunity to sort and find your people and then customize the ads from scratch. After running a paid ad campaign,  the next step is to measure its effectiveness.

With Facebook advertising, you can totally get potential analytics of every hour. The post reach will expand more than its organic capacity. Many people can view and get interested in your products. One of the best features is that it gives you the bracket to retarget those people who have interacted with you in the past, making it a greater chance for a sale. Also, the rate for paid ads is relatively cheaper than the quality of results it delivers. 

A call-to-action button is a must that decides your CTR; by adding a custom CTA  button, you can convert both existing and new customers. Many people who’ve lost their jobs during the pandemic have found a little relief due to freelancing and WFH opportunities posted by various company recruiters on Facebook. So, it only gives products but can also act as a medium of rendering services from one person to another. 

Key learnings

Social media platforms are a kind of free tool to communicate with people across the globe. With growing digital times, biggies like Facebook – one of the veterans and leading social platforms have evolved a lot. They’re well adaptive to changing technology and trends by introducing newish features that are termed to be beneficial for both familiar users and business owners. 


I know by now everyone is aware of the changing nature of Facebook updates; at least after reading the blog, you’re much mindful. Well, this isn’t everything. There are many facets of Facebook marketing that you still need to learn. 

However, the above information is also superb marination to roast your online business skills!

But as and when you successfully implement one level, you can determinably hop onto another one. See; initially, it might be a little challenging, but don’t worry! We’re here to give you a proper guide that will take you ahead in every new step.




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