Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Facebook Company announces its new corporate name as “Meta.”

Facebook Company announces its new corporate name as “Meta.”


Facebook Company announces its new corporate name as “Meta.”

Facebook Company has publicized that they are re-branding their company name to enhance reflect on its growing focus. Facebook Inc. has confirmed today in it’s connect 2021 event regarding the same.

From today onwards, Facebook Inc. Company will be named “Meta.”

Like Google switching to Alphabet as a more comprehensive company title, Facebook’s numerous projects will come under one Title: Meta, which reflects its growing focus next generation of digital connection.

Facebook has explained that The Meta will be the hybrid of modern-day online social media experience. It will let the user share submerged expertise with other users even when they are not physically around. It is the next generation evolution in a long line of social technologies.

Facebook’s extensive business structure will now come under Meta. It would run as a company running its operations separate operations into two segments group of applications being Facebook as it is mainly known as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. These applications will cover VR and AR Technologies.

Facebook Inc. will even change its stock ticker from Fb to MVRS till December 2021.

The Facebook brand name has been defiled, and it needs to make a new start. The entire re-branding will also allow to aloof them from Facebook and Realign its brand name with evolving concept as Metaverse.

Generally, the rebranding is not an immense surprise, and many people had already heard about the change of brand name from Facebook to Meta.

The re-branding will not make any crucial changes apart from the company’s intention to create an evolving Metaverse concept.

There will be upcoming more immersive technological advancements and projects aiming to make Meta the next level of digital connection.

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