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Our email marketers use a well-optimized email service to send personalized sales copy, brand promotion, and new launch updates.

With Webenetic, you can get

  • Leads turning to the actual conversion
  • Attract new customer database
  • Extended business reach
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Cost-effective marketing approach

Drive conversions through email communication


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Email Marketing Services

Deliver outstanding results & provide value to your customers.

Get your email marketing plan started today & with Webenetic, discover the most effective strategy to boost your sales funnel.

What if I told you that a single marketing platform gives revenue of about 3,800%? That’s the earning $38 for every dollar spent! And this marketing platform is called Email. There is a perception that email marketing is outdated, but it doesn’t line up with the statistics.

Approximately 3.9 billion people globally use Email for communication, and no other platform has the same number of active users. Are you looking to leverage the potential of email marketing in your marketing strategies?

To increase your sales, don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect your brand with the appropriate audience and at an appropriate time. Join Webenetic’s result-driven email marketing services & let us set up an email campaign that fulfills your business requirements.

What Is Email-Marketing?

Email marketing is considered the most powerful digital marketing technique for generating & converting leads. In spite of the growth & prominence of mobile messengers & chat applications, almost 61% of customers preferred brand interactions through email.

The extensive usage & increasing global importance of email makes email marketing more integral than ever before. Email marketing strategy is used by thousands of businesses worldwide & to create brand recognition, boost sales, & build client relationships.

Why Email Marketing is Important?

Email marketing is the best marketing method for generating leads & delivering a high ROI. According to a pilot study, almost 61% of email subscribers are likely to receive promotional emails every week & about 83% of customers spend more on a brand which they’ve received mails

Online email marketing presents a spectacular opportunity to reach your target audience & generate revenue growth. If you plan to start your email marketing campaign to boost your business, it is the right time to consult with an email marketing specialist

How email marketing can help your business to grow?

With the plethora of opportunities email marketing services offers, you can drive more and more conversions for your business. At Webenetic, we invest in modern email marketing software & conduct continuous training to deliver services that provide valuable & increase profitability.


Let’s have a look at our digital marketing services for Email Marketing Services

Secure more customers with our brand communication solutions

Our email marketing specialists have helped thousands of businesses by launching targeted email marketing campaigns that were budget-friendly and had optimize their time.



Customer acquisition refers to getting new customers and convincing them to buy your products or services. We use this process to get consumers down the marketing funnel from brand awareness to purchase decisions. It involves advertising in an email campaign in the form of a sponsored link or as a complete email.



A brand is a name, symbol, slogan, design, or any other feature that identifies and differentiates one seller's service or product from those of other sellers, along with a customer's personal feeling or experience associated with your brand. We devise a unique branding strategy for each of our clients and their individualistic requirements that are unparalleled.



In digital marketing, traffic refers to the visitors driven to a website through email marketing campaigns. This is one of the most valuable traffic as it comes from your existing as well as new customers and leads, and we are here to help shoot the traffic on your website through the roof.



Email engagement is an assessment of how people interact with your email campaigns. Open rate, click rate, as well as conversion rate are the standard email engagement metrics. Various teams at Webenetic constantly work hard and collaborate to make sure the content we provide to our clients is exceptionally engaging, thus increasing their sales.


Direct sales

Webenetic practices and advocates direct email marketing largely. It is a method of email marketing wherein email campaigns are sent directly to potential or existing customers. This marketing approach is intended not only on selling your products and services but also on improving the relationship between you and your customers.



Referral marketing is a word-of-mouth initiative that our company designs and promotes to incentivize existing customers to introduce their family, friends, and contacts to become new customers. A referral program can give your customers a chance to earn rewards or gain discounts simply by referring your website to friends or family.



Our content and marketing team of skilled individuals cleverly strategize retention emails that are targeted and triggered messages sent to existing customers to increase engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. It helps bring customers back again and again by keeping them interested.


Customer service

Customer service is all about solving a customer's problems and issues, which is why email is an ideal means for online customer service. An average of 72% of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication; and therefore, we design and generate emails that capture and interest your customers..


Build Customer Loyalty

A strong relationship requires constant brand interactions. Regular email marketing communications with the customer make it possible for any firm to generate brand loyalty while driving revenue. In addition, the cost of engaging customers with email marketing strategies is comparatively 10 times less than other marketing channels.


Expand Your Business Reach

In contrast with traditional marketing, email marketing campaigns are result-driven to have better reach & potential engagement. Experts at Webenetic can help you reach your target audiences on any device while staying intrusive & amenable to the CAN-SPAM Act.


Connect with different audiences

Hyper-personalized email marketing is one of the benefits of email marketing to reach your audience. While putting effort into a campaign, you can reach out to different audience segments with a personal touch. Targeted marketing emails campaigns drive more business by saving your money.


Save time & effort

Email marketing for businesses, franchises, & multi-location firms is comparatively less labor-intensive than traditional marketing. If you are running short of time to learn the ropes of email marketing optimization, experts at Webenetic are always ready to assist you.


Test email campaigns & drive strong results

Webenetic, email marketing service offers several ways to test & examine whether your marketing efforts are hitting the nail on the head or not. It provides you valuable insights to revise your marketing tactics to drive engagement with your mail campaigns


Track your analytics

Data & analytics delivered by email marketing software give valuable insights into the performance of your marketing efforts & campaigns. According to your marketing goals, our team of experts can help you reach your audiences in a better way.


Campaign & template review

At Webenetic, our email marketing specialists review your email campaigns & templates to get a clear vision of your campaign performance & engagement. We look into your email design, subject line & call to action to recognize the problems & inefficiencies.


Content audience deep dive

We always make sure that your emails and newsletter hit the appropriate inboxes, & our email marketing experts review all the technical issues associated with your business. These include your spam complaints, potential domain, deliverability issues & IP blocklisting.


Email marketing management

At Webenetic, you can have a team of experts to create eye-catchy, engaging email marketing campaigns to keep your audiences updated with the contemporary offerings and promotions. We plan, design & examine emails to increase sales and drive revenue.

Why should you choose Webenetic's Digital Marketing Agency for Email Marketing

Capture leads and boosts your brand engagement

Get to use Webenetic’s cost-effective approach to get more conversion rates and highly payable customers

Digital Marketing Experts

Full-service email marketing campaign

Webenetic email marketing agency offers you a comprehensive suite of email services. If you are looking for an email blast service or a combination of email marketing solutions, get in touch with us.

Digital Marketing Experts

Multivariate and A/B Campaign service

At Webenetic, we create & launch email newsletter designs & marketing mail templates. We also make sure that your campaign delivers excellent results as we examine each and every campaign of your email campaign. It allows us to determine the best possible approach to your email marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Experts

Tailored list segmentation

We have a vision that every marketing service differs depending on the client's needs, demand & target audiences. Hence, our team of experts performs in-depth research & leverage email marketing software to segment the audience list. We also ensure that the recipients receive the email at the right time.

Digital Marketing Experts

Experienced email marketing specialists

Webenetic email marketing specialists possess years of experience in using various email platforms. Our team continuously examines and searches emerging marketing software, marketing strategy, & digital media to deliver you the email marketing service

Digital Marketing Experts

Detailed email marketing report

We set up tailored email campaigns to match your unique needs, and we also manage them to give you detailed & custom monthly reports, including open rates, traffic on your website, & leads driven. Our experts also integrate your email campaign with Google Analytics to provide appropriate insight into how the recipient interacts with your site.

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