Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Free high DA PA Sites List For Document Submission | 2021

Free high DA PA Sites List For Document Submission | 2021

Jul 30, 2021 BY SARA SHAIKH

Free high DA PA Sites List For Document Submission | 2021

Are you searching for do follow- high PR (read as page rating) document submission sharing sites? It is your luck; we have researched and curated the list of most of the top document sites for you.

Link building is an essential element to boost your website presence and blog within the search engines and boost it to the #1 spot. Document submission sites play a key role in link building that can generate high-quality do-follow links.

The backlinks generated from High Page Rank, Good Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority are primarily not valued the most. But what’s the best part? They’ll help to drive significant traffic to your website and blog.

What are Document Submission Sites?

Generally, people use a variety of techniques to get backlinks for their blogs and websites as link building is entitled on the internet as the “backbone of SEO.” Some of the tools and techniques build relatively easy backlinks, while other processes can be burdensome.

Social media sharing, social bookmarking sites, forums, web 2.0 sites are essential for better search engine optimization. So, it is quite easy to get backlinks through document submissions sites. It is one of the Off-page activities of SEO.

Document submissions are the type of website which can help you submit the documents in PDF formats. You can create documents as per your niche and upload them to the documents-sharing websites. Before sharing any of the documents, it would be best to note that you have to create an account with a legit profile on that website.

When creating a document, you can also share backlinks to your websites, which may help you get quality backlinks from the document submission sites. You can easily upload documents on the website as the process is simply uncomplicated. Even a newbie can create a document with images and text and can link with the websites.

Here is the list of to dofollow documents submission list which can help you to get quality backlinks and traffic to websites.

  • Issuu
  • Google drive
  • Dropbox
  • Mediafire
  • OneDrive

What are the benefits of Document Submission Websites?

  • You can create a profile on these sites and follow people of your interests to help you build up good relations with popular document writers and uploaders. It can help you in the long run.
  • When it comes to growing your brand, you can create quality content that includes blogs and articles and upload them to the sites.
  • You can create the document at your convenience as there is no hard rule that your document should be long and must include a high word count.
  • You can even create a document that is 200 words long yet filled with quality and unique content which can deliver value.
  • Everything matters are quality if the content of your document is of high-quality, readers who come across your blog may like your blog or websites content and become a loyal reader.
  • You can increase the ranking of your websites in search engines by building up many backlinks, and it also helps to gain massive traffic from them.

How to use Document Submission sites in SEO?

Here are the steps to use documents submission sites effectively

  • The first step is to create a legit profile/email account on these sites through registration or email confirmation.
  • Once you have confirmed the email, then you can upload the files from your profile.
  • Many sites provide various means to make these documents public and build quality links for SEO.
  • You can save these files on these sites to share them among other private members.

List of High PR Do-Follow Document Sharing Sites in 2021

Now you can drive quality traffic to your blogs and websites through the hyperlinks you add to your documents. So, check out the list of top document submission sites, and then you can get started!


It is one of the most popular document-sharing sites where users can find magazines, catalogs, and publications of their choice. This site is beneficial for professional publishers.

  • Page rank- 9
  • Alexa rank- 472
  • Domain authority-95
  • Page authority- 96


It is the best side to promote your document and especially presentations. The audience of Slideshare usually looks for creative presentations!

  • Page Rank-8
  • Alexa Rank-129
  • Domain Authority-96
  • Page Authority-96


Scribd is one of the world’s largest document-sharing communities as it has more than 17 million viewers of its document per month. You can efficiently operate it as it smooth to use and browse.

  • Page Rank-8
  • Alexa Rank-348
  • Domain Authority-95
  • Page Authority-94

It makes it easy to manage and share files across your business. It offers you in-program document creation and collaborative editing capabilities for teams.

  • Page Rank-7
  • Alexa Rank-18,874
  • Domain Authority-91
  • Page Authority-89


It is the best place to share your documents for free and there are many options that you will get while sharing your content. This feature is beneficial for newspaper and magazine publishers.

  • Page Rank-7
  • Alexa Rank-2,328
  • Domain Authority-91
  • Page Authority-92


It is one of the best-sharing sites due to its incredible ease of use. Here you can create, manage, collaborate, and you can also share your business's documents in the cloud. From single file sharing to multiple folders, each feature is as simple as a button click.

  • Page Rank-7
  • Alexa Rank-555
  • Domain Authority-84
  • Page Authority-87

Free eBooks

It is one of the best document submission sites where you can easily publish your books. Usually, millions of visitors and readers come to eBooks and find great reading material for themselves.

  • Page Rank-7
  • Alexa Rank:-9,302
  • Domain Authority-68
  • Page Authority-74

List of other top Documents Submission Websites

  • nowdownload. to
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