Character traits you need to thrive as a Digital Marketer.

Digital marketing is an exciting field to break into, and as it grows in popularity, the need for updating yourself with new technology also increases. Digital media has opened up many more opportunities than traditional advertising methods, but that doesn’t mean you have to become someone else.

You have to analyze your behavior to pursue a marketing career that best suits your role. For instance: if you’re an introvert and have excellent imagination skills, you may be better at content marketing. You could also take the personality type test to get the exact approach towards your career.

A few traits that can make you woo in the digital field are:

  • Innovative - To have the ability to think out of the box to make a room in a customer’s mind organically.
  • Understanding customer behavior – You should analyze the customer behavior by observing their buying habits. 
  • Social bug – An extrovert person is likely to become an excellent social media marketer. 
  • Goal-oriented – You should align your strategies with your goals, which will eventually help you achieve your vision.
  • Adaptive – You should be in-sink and adaptive to the latest trends.

What skill sets do you require to be a digital marketer?

Once you’ve recognized your personality type, we can now move further to discuss digital marketing skill sets that you need to develop to excel in this field. Skills are of two different types, namely:

  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills

Both of them are essential to strike a balance in your growing career. 

Let’s see further specifications into technical skills:

SEO and SEM:

Both of these terminologies are imperative pillars in digital marketing. While hiring, organizations always look for an individual who has a good understanding of SEO and SEM can adapt to Google updates. 

Video marketing:

There is no denying that video content creates more engagement than any other form of content. So, you shouldn’t miss a chance to optimize YouTube and other social platforms to boost your online ranking. It is good to learn video filming and editing skills.

Handling content management systems:

CMS is a software application that facilitates users to write, proofread, edit, publish and store the content on content management systems like WordPress. It’s one of the best CMS platforms that many bloggers and entrepreneurs use. If you want to be ahead of your competitor, it is good to learn how to set up a WordPress account. 

Data Analytics:

This is the most important technical skill which you should consider developing. You should have a solid understanding of analyzing and measuring Google Analytics. Also, it would help if you focused on gaining insights to understand your customer behavior. 

Lastly, the above competencies will help you examine competitors and plan strategies accordingly to be ahead of them. We would suggest you learn some of the popular site audit tools that many experts use in 2021.

Then, let’s transit to learn equally significant soft skills that will help you to progress in the long run-

soft skills

Social skills:

Entrepreneurs loves to have talent that can bring them leads and actual conversions. Communication skills don’t necessarily need to be verbal; maybe your good written skills ultimately help create mind-blowing copy write-ups. So, one should have the ability to communicate online on social media channels for creating engagement.

Influencing skills:

An influencer has the ability to convince other humans using their advertisement skills. They pivot their strategy on building organic relationships with their followers. Even customers tend to consider recommendations from influencers rather than celebrities.


Google keeps on tweaking its updates numerous times in a year. An algorithm gets revised every month. You should be flexible enough to learn new tactics for implementing strategies in alignment with your updates.

Multitasking skills:

A digital marketer is liable to wear multiple hats to perform numerous tasks efficiently along with the latest digital marketing trends. They also have to manage clients from various industries simultaneously. One suggestion will be to acquire projects that’ll bring more valuable results.

Now that you’ve worked on yourself to learn and develop skills, the next step is to start your career by looking for opportunities in your city or overall India. Sometimes due to the crushing competition, a few people may find it overwhelming.

But with the precise information given below, we’ll help you select the right option that can give you good earnings while maintaining the work-life balance. We’ve mentioned the correct way of:

How to start a digital marketing career in India?

digital marketing career

Digital marketing career has overwhelming growth opportunities. But to begin your digital journey, you need to keep in mind the below aspects. 

Optimize social accounts: 

As a digital marketing aspirant, you should have a well-optimized LinkedIn and Facebook account for business. These platforms help businesses find outstanding talent; on the other hand, it allows job seekers like you to land their dream job.

Build social connections:

Next vital step is to start building relationships! The primary way is to posts valuable information and shares it with your friends and fellow community members. React to people’s posts by writing relevant comments. Always stay aware of the latest trends and updates while staying active on social media channels like Instagram, Snapchat & many more.

Apply for internships:

If you’re entering a new domain, your goal should be to grab information and increase your knowledge funnel. Getting an internship with a known digital marketing firm will help you attain practical learning and renew your existing skills. 

Build a professional portfolio:

If you want to impress high-profile clients, it is essential to approach them with a unique portfolio. Your portfolio speaks for yourself! It acts as an overview of your expertise. 

Start freelancing: 

Do you know many freelancers are making six-figure revenue annually? In fact, many people have shifted from a 9-5 job into full-time freelancing. The best part is you can work from your living room or patio. The second best thing is you can be your own boss. So register yourself on popular sites like Upwork, get good gigs, and earn flexibly!

Work with brands: 

If you’ve gained relevant experience from an internship or freelancing and want to associate yourself with brands, then start applying to companies. 

  • Indulge in searching for businesses that will value your worth by giving you the liberty to experiment with different strategies and motivate you to adopt new trends. 
  • Send job applications according to the criteria that match your skills. Contact them on their official email id while attaching a personalized cover letter, digital marketing resume, and portfolio.

We’ve covered all essential aspects, which is good to know before entering the digital marketing world. But, before we wrap up, we would like to address a query that most people have while switching from one industry to another.

Can an engineer be a digital marketer?

Are you the kind of person who can adapt to change, is enthusiastic about learning, and loves to communicate with people? If your response is yes, then your curricular background will not create any hindrance. Don’t let that hold you from entering an industry that offers diversity, excitement, and infinite growth opportunities.

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