Best SEO Practices to Drive Traffic Back to your Website

Having an immaculate website is great, but the point is, what if no one sees it? A fantastic business website isn’t meant to serve only an artistic purpose. In fact, it has multiple functions, including:

  • Providing user-centric information
  • Getting business through leads
  • Adapt to new changing digital marketing tactics
  • Help your team to experiment while learning
  • Working on improving search engine ranking

To accomplish these various functions is not an easy task. Many businesses face challenges to cope with innovation and adapt the available tricks to increase web ranking.

There are many people who’ve already given loads of information on ways to magnify users on your web page. But are they effective? On top of that, does it suit your business type? I’ll tell you…

The 11 SEO tips that are better than the rest:

I know at times, it doesn’t seem easy to trust. But, if you’re willing to give your best once again, then try the 11 customized SEO management tips mentioned below. I’m sharing with you what has already benefitted my fellow marketers. You can call them proven methods to yield organic web results.

Also, by looking at headers, you might feel that you already know them. But trust me, don’t skip reading the information. If you’re following the process, there are favorable chances that you can get your much-awaited results quite quickly.

Let me clarify that this article doesn’t contain factors that shed the roof or cover every tactic under the sun. Instead, it conveys the steps which have given excellent ranking analytics to many, and they find them as proven ways to increase website traffic. Keep reading to kick start your ranking journey!

  • Pick what’s trending in your niche:

pick what trending

Content is king! Everyone has come across this phrase multiple times. Now it has become a Quote! But, knowing this thought will not help you unless you understand the importance of framing your SEO plans accordingly.

To do this, you need to select the topic which people from your niche are searching for. You can choose using tools like Ahref, which allows you to apply many filters, look for the keyword with high volume and low density.

When you’re done with keyword research, the final step is to take the topic to give you high business value and solve actual problems by providing relevant solutions in an SEO friendly manner. Focus on holding a balance between:

  • Increase potential traffic
  • Great business value
  • Can promote related display ads
  • Discover more topics for further write-ups
  • Lesser competition
  • Can generate revenue

  • Do not stuff unnecessary keywords:

Earlier Google used to rank pages that had lots of keywords, but now the algorithm has changed. The more you use relevant keywords, the better you’ll get the results. Another critical factor in maintaining the decency and flow of content is losing them by inserting unnecessary keywords. Use natural keywords in your entire content to not distract your reader, including meta-title descriptions and headers.

For finding keywords relevant to your topic, use tools like Ahref, Buzz sumo, SEMrush, and many more. You can get results of your competitors' use, search queries of your people, and secondary keywords. Also, do not forget to use ‘Longtail keywords,’ for keyword optimization and as they are easy to rank. 

  • Publish guest posts:

Guest blogging is a scheme where you write blogs for publishing on other blogging sites or you could publish your write-up on best freelance websites for beginners to get good returns. In response to this, the blogger will give you a backlink to your site. It is one of the effective ways of sharing information with more readers, increasing brand awareness, and also earn authentic backlinks from the site owner. 

It is definitely a proven way to generate referral traffic and improve your web SERP rankings. But while looking for guest blogger sites, always keep in mind to pitch those who’re from your industry. 

Also, look for their domain authority which should be of high quality. Secondly, read their guest blogging guidelines to understand their process. And finally, ask them if they can promote the content on social media platforms too. If yes, then remind them to tag you!

  • Perform promotional activities for content on social media:

Social media has a more significant influence on your business revenue. You can find multiple ways of increasing your brand awareness, thereby leading to more user engagement on your leading website. 

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Reddit are some of the vital social platforms which help you to communicate with audiences all around the world. If optimized properly, social media marketing can give you concrete results. 

For instance, let’s say you have set up a Facebook business account, which can help you share your business information using posts. The primary marketing strategy is free with more effectiveness. You can also give adequate customer support and increase interaction with your customer using Facebook Messenger.

Another vital feature of social platforms is that it allows you to connect with the community present online. Nowadays, you can find support groups for every cause or niche. It is a great way to promote your content with the right kind of people like you and share similar interests. 

Sharing your blogs with them will help you to get organic traffic. It can also help you to build healthy relations between the community members and the admin. Ultimately, if you’re putting efforts to stay active, it can help you in the long run to gain customer loyalty. 

  • Collaborate with fellow brands:

collaborate with fellow brands

If you want to grow in the industry, rivalry or low interaction will not help! Instead, you need to have good relations with fellow marketers from your niche. One of the significant reasons is that you can learn new things by exchanging information and suggestions. 

While collaborating, look for brands with a lesser market presence but share a standard set of audiences. Once found, then bond with them professionally to commence cross-marketing activities. 

Email them stating your proposal to work together for the brand enhancement. Ask them can we host a webinar? Or say let’s have a quick Instagram live session. There is nothing better than helping each other growing. Like many influencers use Instagram's influencer strategy to collaborate with fellow influencers and steal their audience's heart collectively on Instagram.

  • Adapt best email marketing practices:

People are more inclined towards trusting emails than what’s app or SMS. So make sure to promote your web content using an email marketing strategy. But to fulfill this activity, you require the email id of your followers. 

One effective way of getting reader's email IDs is to interact with them by replying to their comments and frequently posting to gain trust. Later, for more connectivity, you may run an online contest or host fun giveaways so that users can participate in the same. 

Another simple way is to ask them to sign up for the newsletter. Tell them that you’re giving them exclusive membership to provide the latest and trendy content on updates that could benefit them. 

Other tactics to make sure your email marketing is on point:

  • Include persuading subject line and email body.
  • Insert a call-to-action button to help your subscribers divert to the main website.
  • Optimize your emails to a mobile-friendly version.
  • Send personalized emails by addressing the subscribers with their first names.
  • Include infographics and images that can induce CTR.
  • Lastly, make sure that emails are sent to the inbox and not the spam folders.

  • Implement On-page SEO:

When you optimize your web page, that’s when you get good results on SERP. On-page SEO is one of the vital aspects to make your website rank at the top search results. It requires you to pay attention to every detail, starting from website development, design, graphics, images, citation, and content. 

While developing websites, make sure to optimize them as per the mobile-friendly criteria. Ensure your web design is easily aligned and simple to navigate. Also, the website loading time should be faster for both desktop and mobile. 

In content also, use keywords that are easy to rank. Lastly, frame your meta title, description, and tags that have proper call-to-action. Use alt text for your images so that bots can classify them.

Lastly, do not forget to give internal and external linking to allow the proper flow of link juice and ranking for entire web articles. 

  • Manage your Off-page SEO:

off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to external actions taken to significantly impact your own website, improving search engine results pages ranking. This is accomplished using activities like connecting with influencers to increase your content reach to a broader segment. 

Doing your business listing in relevant websites as per your demographics is a great way to optimize local SEO. Submitting articles, blogs, images, infographics, PDFs, documents, and others to concerned people/websites/platforms to expand your business outreach.

  • Backlinks got your website’s back:

A backlink is nothing but getting a link from an outsider or a website owner from a different business. With so many additions in your niche, you can find many opportunities to exchange backlinks.

To get promised backlinks, you need to contact local people to give you a link on time. Also, if you want to have a long-term relationship with the site owner, you can offer them an exchange backlink by adding their content to one of your blog posts. 

  • Use advertising to improve web traffic:

improve web traffic

You should keep a set budget aside for investing in online advertisements. For advertising, use social media, display ads, sponsored ads, and paid ads. Although advertising requires lots of money, if you want returns on each digital dollar, then analyze the benefits against the downsides. 

To prevent incurring a loss, use a trial and error technique. Once you get to see the change in analytics from one campaign, you can move ahead with other campaigns. Identify how do audiences accept and behave with the existing campaign. If you get good impressions, CTR, or conversion, you can execute the other advertising plan accordingly.

  • Submit answers on Quora:

“Quora” is a website that allows one to ask questions and give answers. People who’re in a hurry always sign up to their Quora account to get their queries resolved. More than hundreds or say thousands of people ask questions daily on this site. 

The best part is you don’t have to submit long-form content; instead, a 200-word count could also do justice unless the concern is apparent and the user is satisfied with the answer. One of the trusted reports states that answering five times a week can also give you good traffic.

Let’s say if you can generate 20% of the traffic, just by investing two hours every week is not bad. Right! It also gives you the bracket to increase your social media engagement. 

  • Start your ranking journey today!

We’ve reached the end of the topic and have pretty much covered the eleven steps to increase your website traffic. I hope you’re aware of the process that can increase your business revenue. 

Many of these strategies can provide instant fulfillment, while some are time-consuming and require a lot of patience. If you try and implement these potential tricks, then you can surely reap positive technical results. 

However, if you want to pivot on your employee growth and outsource digital marketing services, then it’s a great idea too. Connect with Webenetic to get the best SEO services that will have a great impact on your business. A marketing firm can conduct your website survey and provide you with a tailored service suitable to your business. For more business advice, keep coming to our blogs, where we’ve covered many online marketing parameters.

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