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List of Blog Directories actually worth your time | 2021

Jul 31, 2021 BY SARA SHAIKH

List of Blog Directories actually worth your time | 2021

Did you know that blog directories are one of the most popular off-page SEO techniques? It promotes your blogs and websites, which helps you to get quality backlinks for your site.

If you submit your write-ups to blog directories, it will help you improve your search engine result page (SERP) as SERP depends on your website's quality backlinks. Many bloggers carelessly submit their blog, which in return affects their SERP.

Thus, we suggest newbies submit their blog to blog directories and web directories right after starting the blog. If you successfully do this, then believe us, you can achieve targeted traffic from these blogs directories.

What are Blog-Directories?

Blog directories sites allow you to submit your blog posts on their websites to get some quality backlinks from these directories. Submitting blogs can also benefit you by bringing more traffic to your website.

It is one of the best off-page SEO activities to generate high-quality backlinks and boost your blog traffic. They can connect you with new people, which allows you to build relationships and increase post-exposure. We will always recommend you submit your blog to the niche to which it belongs.

It would be great if you submit your latest blogs and articles to blog directories as soon as they are published to the source. Hence, others will know about your blog updates, which will positively impact the site traffic & link building.

What is the importance of blog directories?

Blog submission sites have high domain authority, and most of them give do-follow backlinks to your blog post. These links are beneficial as they build trust and a solid online reputation for your blog.

One of the advantages of blog directories is getting ideas to create and craft content. Here are the main benefits of blog directories

Why should you submit your content to blog submission sites?

If you are still wondering why to spend so much time on blog submission on top blog submission sites, we may help you discuss it here. Even in 2021, here are the few amazing benefits of using blog submission sites.

Backlinks- SEO is all about building quality backlinks. You can’t get higher results in google search engines without making links. But, blog submission sites can help you to build backlinks for free.

Increase Exposure- Submitting your blog to blog directories can give you more traffic and exposure. Many bloggers use blog directories to find content related to their niche. So if you have an exciting and interesting blog for users to read, it can bring you massive traffic.

Increase DA- Domain authority is one of the most important metrics, and if the blog has more DA, it can get better search rankings. Blog directories can give you quality links, and in return, you will also get a good domain authority with high-quality backlinks.

How to submit your content to blog directories?

While you visit the website, make sure you prepared a text file that includes the following details.

  • Name of the blog
  • Blog URL
  • RSS feed URL
  • Blog description
  • Social media page URL

If you wish to save your time, you need to follow this quickest and easiest method with zero difficulties. With these steps, you could easily submit the blog to more than 100 directories in a very short span of time.

  • Create a Notepad document and copy your all blogs URL
  • Now for each URL, write its title and description
  • Save the file.
  • Open the blog directory and paste the URL, title, and description in each blog directory’s submission page.
  • Now, you can submit your blog to the directories. Repeat the process after a few days.

You can submit your blog to various submission sites in a moment, along with its tags, category, and language. Admins will scrutinize your application to prevent spam, malicious and adult content submission.

Once approved, you will get a welcome email containing your login details and other information.

What is the next step after blog submissions?

After submitting your blog, you’ll get the confirmation on your registered email address. After which, you’ve to be patient for the Google bots to crawl and index your web pages from those directory sites.

"Google will look for backlinks" of your site in order to make the algorithm simpler. Every search engine will look for quality backlinks to show their results on the first page.

Hence, most bloggers are more concerned about backlinks at the beginning. Once your site has appeared on top of the search results, people will link your blog, and this is how the process of natural link building grows.

Is it a big deal for your content to get accepted by these blog directories websites?

Yes! The biggest reason is that search engines often crawl these directories. If you list your blog on these sites, there are chances you may get attention from the search engines.

Many of these blog directories have a significant number of links, while some of the blog directories will provide you with reciprocal links. It simply means that many links are being generated regularly, which improves your site's ranking.

List of blog directories that actually worth your time

Bloggeries: Since 2005, bloggeries are one of the oldest blog directory categorizing quality blogs. It also has the largest forums in the world before Facebook. Even today, it is still the most respected and veteran blog directory submission website online.

Bloglovin’: It is the leading destination for readers to discover fashion and lifestyle content by their favorite bloggers. The best part is they can access it on mobile via email. If you have a lifestyle blog, make sure you submit your write-up to this blog directory site.

Blog Catalog: Blog catalog is another influential blog directory site. You can also list your blog to this site as they’re known to draw massive traffic. You’ve free access to all the primary topics, but if you’re looking to submit an article subjective to a specific industry/niche, then it might cost you. But the ultimate results are great!

Best of the Web: It is founded in 1994 and has considered one of the best directory submission sites. They encourage people to share content that is of great quality, versatility and can give potential outreach.

Blogarama: Unlike other directories, Blogarama is unique as it is functioned by human hands. The monthly visitors turn up to millions in number. They provide you with no-cost guest posting and promote the content on their social accounts by tagging you. For packages with premium and business class sites, please check their website.

Links of top high DA & PA blog-directories submission sites

We have prepared a list of top free blog directories list, and you can submit your blog to these directories to get traffic to the website.


Here is the list of blog submission website with high traffic

We have prepared a list of top blog directories list with high traffic, and you can submit your blog to these directories to get traffic to the website.



Now you’re ready with the list of top blog directories to submit your websites and get quality backlinks in return. Submitting your new blogs to these directory submission sites is a great way to promote your link-building strategy. If you’re using this tactic to generate backlinks by submitting your write-ups for free, please share your experience by commenting below.

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