Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales in 2021

Indeed, 2020 has been a year for online shopping & experts contribute much of that success to the economic effects of Covid-19. However, expert suggests that the boost in e-commerce during the pandemic is unlikely to slow down in the future.

Shoppers went online so that they can avoid brick & mortar stores. While doing online shopping, they realize that they love the online shopping experience.

As 2021 begins, eCommerce is showing no signs of slowing down!

Online retailers will have more retailers than ever! For this very reason it is very important than ever to develop strong eCommerce strategies for your business.

To stay ahead of your competition, you have to create and execute best ecommerce strategies. 

Here is the list of top strategies for crushing ecommerce in 2021:

Strategy #1: High quality & unique content as a powerful and cost effective method for lead generation-

To educate your potential clients about the products or services & to generate brand awareness, creating an eCommerce content marketing strategy should be your primary objective. 

You can share high-quality & unique blog posts, images, videos & infographics on several platforms to engage prospects with your brand.

Content is still a king! So, create unique & quality content to grab the attention of the audience. Once you have provided the leads with valuable content & if they find it useful and relevant, they will establish a connection with your brand. It can ultimately result in higher lead generation & conversions.

Hence, make sure you provide your leads with proper guides, relevant information, etc. For instance, if you are selling healthy, nutritious food, you may post content on nutrition, provide tips on gaining & losing weight, and many more.

While implementing e-commerce content strategy:

  • Think about the content you wish to create.
  • Always take into consideration your audience's needs.
  • Focus on user experience.
  • Distribute your content on various channels.
  • Try to include visuals.

Strategy #2: Retargeting remains one of the most effective ecommerce marketing tactics


Even if the customer is fascinated towards your product, there might be several reasons why they never complete the purchases.

Retargeting is one of the best eCommerce marketing strategies which you can implement to make your leads return to your store & allow them to purchase what you sell.

There are several ways to integrate retargeting into your marketing mix, but the two most popular methods used by eCommerce brands are:

  • Follow-up on previous ad campaigns.
  • Encourage the consumers to return to a product page that they visited previously.

Retargeting is one of the simplest eCommerce marketing tactics which include running retargeting ads on various platforms.

You may also create a tailored ads that can run on multiple channels to remind the customers of your brand and products. Additionally, drag back those who have abandoned the checkout process.

Strategy #3: Personalized Emails Help Re-engage Your Online Shoppers

email marketing strategy

Email marketing  is one of the best eCommerce strategies to use for reaching your target market. Customers love reading fresh content and receiving promotional emails, special offers, sales, discounts by their favorite brands, and more when personalized!

By investing in email marketing, you can expect a high return on investment. In fact, for every $1 spent on it, the average ROI is $42!

To get started with email marketing:

  • Build an email list
  • Decide on the types of content to send
  • Incorporate personalization
  • Use automation
  • Analyze results

If you combine written and visual content in your email marketing, nurture that list to generate higher traffic, close more deals and boost profits.

Strategy #4: Social Media is at the Heart of a Successful eCommerce Marketing Strategy

social media marketing

Social media marketing  is an effective online strategy for eCommerce websites. This mostly comes from the fact that channels like Facebook and Instagram allow targeting specific audiences, linking to pages on your site directly in posts.

Using the right social media eCommerce marketing tactics, you can attract and connect with your ideal customers and boost your sales. By utilizing the power of social media, you can engage potential customers, generate higher website traffic and make more conversions for free.

Before implementing this eCommerce marketing strategy, ensure that:

Learn as much as you can about your audience:

By understanding where your target market lives, their age, language preferences and hobbies you are better able to connect with them.

Choose the platforms to promote your brand on:

To find out which networks are the right ones for your business, look at their demographics. Learn about how many users they have as well as their user's average age and location. In addition, do some research on different platforms that might be beneficial for eCommerce businesses.

Keep an eye on your competition:

Find out what your competitors are doing on social media. Discover the eCommerce marketing tactics they use, their posts, how often they post them, which networks they utilize, and how users engage with those platforms.

You can create an online marketing strategy for eCommerce websites and get your social media accounts started by following these steps. Then once you begin actively sharing posts and creating campaigns, use data to determine the best posting times and desired number of posts.

By measuring the results of your eCommerce marketing campaigns, you can adjust them to be more effective. Social media platforms have their built-in analytics for business profiles - make sure to read data on impressions, reach, and website clicks and profile visits to understand user behavior.

Strategy #5: eCommerce SEO Helps Expand Your Market and Reach

The essential marketing tactic for boosting your eCommerce sales is search engine optimization (SEO). To ensure that consumers can find you when they are looking for specific products, you need to optimize your store and individual items with the exact keywords.

In other words, it is vital to understand your audience and what terms they use when looking for similar products or services. Then, follow the best SEO practices practices to ensure that you are targeting your audience's exact keywords.

To optimize your product pages for SEO:

  • Determine your target keywords
  • Use your keywords appropriately
  • Create unique product descriptions
  • Include customer reviews

To implement the best online marketing strategies for eCommerce websites, make sure you also make your store mobile-friendly and ensure it is fast to load. Additionally, keep it simple & quick to load to make the navigation easy.

Strategy #6: Affiliate Programs Help eCommerce Brands Increase Awareness and Sales

affiliate marketing

Why wait to build a website and develop your eCommerce marketing strategy when you can make an affiliate program part of the equation? An affiliate program will increase your reach faster than any other tactic, distribute brand messaging to more people, and save money.

To implement affiliate marketing, search for influential affiliates who can use different promotional methods to promote your products.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies for eCommerce websites because it is performance based. This means that you will only pay your affiliate partners as much money as they deliver.

When implementing this eCommerce marketing strategy, make sure you:

  • Focus on providing your audience with value
  • Don’t overuse links in emails
  • Promote high-quality products
  • Focus on building a meaningful relationship rather than just selling
  • Are helpful
  • Provide users with value

Strategy #7: Google Shopping Is an Increasingly Important eCommerce Marketing Channel

Google shopping

Google Shopping is a great marketing strategy for eCommerce in 2021 because of its ability to bring better-qualified traffic and conversions. 

Google's new visual search will help users find the products they are looking for while engaging them to take action. This eCommerce marketing strategy is excellent because brands in the SERPs look credible, even though customers might not be familiar with them.

So, in order to increase the chances that users will purchase your products, Google matches them with phrases they search for.

To use Google Shopping you should:

  • Create a Google Merchant Center account
  • Optimize your product pages
  • Link your Google AdWords account
  • Create a campaign

Takeaways On eCommerce Marketing:

Today, for any business to succeed online it is important that they invest in eCommerce marketing. This type of marketing helps you generate brand awarenes, increase the number of conversions and boost your sales.

To stay ahead of the game in 2021, make sure you implement these eCommerce marketing strategies to outshine your competition:

  • Post high-quality and unique content
  • Retarget users
  • Send personalized emails
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Optimize your store and products
  • Invest in an affiliate program
  • Leverage the power of Google Shopping

If you want to follow the best eCommerce marketing tactics, great! If not and you'd rather invest in high-end eCommerce services that can help accelerate your business growth.

Whether you need tips or full-service support, we can help your business grow faster with our eCommerce marketing services.

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