Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Android phone users facing issue due to google clock

Android phone users facing issue due to google clock


Android phone users facing issue due to google clock

Since the past few days, many Android users are repeatedly missing their alarms due to bugs in the Google clock. Users of Applications are raising the concern in the Google play store. Some of the users are giving a single-star rating due to the glitch in the application.

This bug has led to the dipping of the overall rating of the application on the play store. This report is usually from google pixel phone users and other brands. One of the android users reported that he lost his job due to this bug. He was a teacher who missed his two classes which were scheduled in the morning.

A post on Reddit pointed to the same issue that users were facing similar kind of problem. They further stated that users tried to resolve the problem with the typical troubleshooting methods: uninstalling the application, re-installing the application, clearing the cache, and even changing the settings. But unfortunately, these troubleshooting issues didn’t solve the problem.

The Android authority initially stated this bug, they had tested the google clock application, and they were unable to identify the exact issue in the application. The report further noted that the problem was faced when the users had enabled the DND mode in mobile phones. Apart from this, users used third-party applications such as Spotify for their Google clock ring tone. But they were not able to give a genuine reason for this issue.

Google is aware of this bug with google clock, and they are working on it to fix this issue. Thus Android users intensely rely on the google clock for their daily alarm schedule.

The immediate fix for this issue could be that the android users can download a third-party application for a temporary solution until Google fixes this problem.

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