Ways to Enhance your Product Listing Rankings on Amazon | 2021

Whenever you think of ranking on Google, you strive to excel at SEO Your efforts are valid; as you require potential traffic on your leading website for search engines to rank you. But, a website isn't the only place where you wish to sell your products.

What if you're interested in commencing online business on Amazon? Be it a dress, book, or study table; it's possible to get good sales when your product page appears at the top of Amazon's results. For which, you simply need to analyze the competitor, get backlinks, and you'll have the best-seller page with the help of Amazon ranking tools like SellerApp or Algopix. Right? 

Not really.

You may anticipate that copying the optimization techniques of google will bring you results on Amazon. Well, it's not entirely false. The determination to learn the tactics is similar, but the algorithm is different. 

Once you understood to furnish the Amazon SEO right, you will get a good spot! And I'm here to give you an overview of the ranking factors to get surfacing results on a popular buying platform like Amazon. But first, let's look at how an amazon algorithm functions?

A preface to Amazon's search algorithm

Like said before, Amazon's algorithm is different as it is an e-commerce platform and not a web search engine like Google. When a potential customer searches for the desired product on Amazon, search results are shown after a two-step process. Initially, Amazon bots pull the results from their catalog based on relevancy.

Secondly, they analyze using the buyer’s persona, judgment, business, and performance metrics of a particular product page. These are the ways through which amazon optimizes customer revenue generation.

“A9” is the official reference given to the Amazon algorithm; it's a subsidiary organization of amazon which manages the SEO activity. Plus, they're responsible for promotion, advertisement, and other technological improvements too.

How does the A9 algorithm works?

Amazon is solely used for transactional purposes and not for seeking information. That's what makes this algorithm crisp and easy to understand. It works on two primary and significant factors which are:

  • Relevancy 
  • Performance

If you're managing to maximize your product page based on these two algorithms, you'll ultimately get good returns and conversion rates.

Further, to effectively implement these factors, you need to pay attention to various collated factors aligned with relevancy and performance. Let's understand them in detail.

Relevance – centric amazon product page ranking factors

Product's Title

Your product title will decide your CTR. Apparently; it is one of the most significant elements which should be easy to understand so that your buyer is interested in learning the description. It also acts as an influencing parameter that gives you a high ranking. You don't want to miss the opportunity of including the relevant keywords in the title.

You should frame the title, which includes:

  • Your brand name
  • Product description
  • Mention the essential element
  • Describe the features
  • Tell about quantity, guarantee, warranty, if any.

Seller Name

Your seller name has a more significant impact on the product to reflect at the top of the list. Even there are high chances to show in organic search results when you include a primary keyword within the seller name. For instance, if you have a history of excellent sales of your books, you can include your name, boosting your seller/ author ranking and recognition as well as your products'.

Mention in bullet points

Make a point to include your keywords in your product features or specifications. Also, do not write in paragraphs; instead, give bullet points as they are easy to read, remember, and properly aligned.

Product description

Give an accurate product description that acts as an extension to your features. Usually, the narration is given in paragraph form, including more than one keyword in each product illustration. 

For concrete results, use the technique of converting features into actual benefits. Let your buyer know that if they opt for this product, what exact help they can avail of from this product. Use an informative tone while writing so as to increase user engagement and final conversion rates.

Product specifications

This section mainly includes technical and physical details of your product like size, shape, color, measurements, etc. Filling this section shows Amazon that you're reliable and diligent. 

Choose your product category

While submitting your product to the list, make sure to choose one which is closely linked with your product industry/nature. 

Use your brand name in the title

It would be best to use your brand name in your title to give you unique identification, thereby helping buyers search with your brand title.

Performance-centric amazon product page ranking factors

To grasp the lessons of performance factors is tough because external considerations and keywords come into action. Still, it's essential to be aware of these to optimize Amazon SEO efficiently.

Product pricing