An Easy Guide to Setup WordPress | Four "Must Have" Plugins

How to set up WordPress? Which are the important plugins?

The thought of making a website may seem to be intimidating at first, especially when you’re not a techie. But, let me remind you that you’re not dwelling alone; there are many people like you!

To end your worry, we’ve figured out a simpler way to install WordPress using different techniques and Tips to boost web ranking. You must be wondering why there is no standard method? The reason is every tool gives you a different interface, servers, and hosts to make your job easier enabling tracking the SEO conversion metrics which is crucial for improvement. 

In this blog, I’ll give you a simple guide to understanding the two alternative methods you can use to install WordPress.

Method A – How to set up WordPress manually via cPanel?

wordpress using manually

Firstly, let us understand what cPanel is? It’s a dashboard that many web hosts provide to their customers while signing up for hosting. The interface appears to be typical, but the login details are different.

Honestly, I don’t see a need to use the manual process anymore when you have an automated way to install the site. But, if you take it from a learning perspective, it is good as it allows you to set up WordPress manually. So let’s begin by:

  • Downloading WordPress (latest version)
  • Go to cPanel and upload the WordPress zip file, then unzip the folder and upload again by selecting all and transferring to public_html

While that’s happening, let’s accumulate the data on cPanel

  • Click on MySQL
  • Add your domain details
  • Create your database by giving a name. (make a note of your database name as you’ll require for the next process)
  • Next, you’ll move onto the step of creating a username for your database. 
  • For which you can scroll down to MySQL and generate a username and secured password for your database
  • Once you’ve created a database, the next step is to give access to the user
  • After submitting, you need to give a username with “All Privileges.

Let’s proceed further with the next step of configuring the database

  • You don’t have to stress much; insert this URL -

Now is the final step to set up WordPress. Please click on your domain name to initiate the installation process. You can view the WordPress Installation Wizard. First, start with selecting the:

  • Language

Give the unique title to your website

  • Site name

Enter the necessary information given below

  • Database name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email id

Lastly, click on Install WordPress. Voila! Your WordPress is set up in seven minutes. Now you can start logging in with your account name and password and start uploading the content.

Method B – How to set up WordPress using auto-installers?

wordpress using auto-installers

Auto installation is a smart move to fuel the WordPress process at an auto mode. It doesn’t leave a scope for you to do things manually. By using this method, installing WordPress is just one click away.

Some of the popular auto-installers are

  • Softaculous
  • Quick Install
  • MOJO Marketplace
  • Fantastico

To begin, click on the link to WordPress auto-installer.

  • A screen will appear, which would contain the description/policy; quickly go through and click on the auto-installer button given at the bottom of the page.
  • Then a box will appear, wherein you need to enter the details you would want to reflect on your site. Start with filling in the details like protocol and domain name.
  • The further step is to select the directory within which you want to set up the WordPress. Then fill in the required site settings.
  • Now is the time to create credentials for your account. You’ll use the same login username and password in combination, and make sure to remember them as you may need further.
  • Finally, when you’ve filled every block, make sure to click on the Install button. Within a few minutes, you can expect a confirmation on your mail. That’s it; you will be all set to log in to your WordPress account using your credentials.

Now that you’ve learned to set up your WP account, the next step is to give extra benefits to your website. Some features which are essential for giving a secured user interface are not available by default. You need to install plugins that are delicately developed to provide specific functionality efficiently. 

Plugins are an essential part of the WordPress space, which are often used to build a furnished website. These are the plugins that help you to add the newest features, functionality, and mechanism to your website, just like any smartphone becomes more accessible with an in-build or installed application.

Many experts claim that plugins are of great help when the default site does not provide the required feature. In fact, these plugins are used to enhance your SEO score, boost site performance, add a customer resolution interface, social buttons, generate photo galleries, and give other users accessibility.

Let us see a few of the vital plugins:

vital plugins


Whenever you’re updating any information on your site, it is crucial to take the entire site back up and paste it in a secured place. Data corruption such as technical error, virus, accident, catastrophe can be life-threatening for your website health.

  • Therefore, as a precautionary action, you can use Updraft to avoid any unforeseen data loss or prevent website hacking. 
  • Data back-up is one of the most significant benefits, which makes it one of the best-selling plugins of WordPress

Yoast SEO:

If technical SEO isn’t your thing, you may easily rely on Yoast SEO! Because to access this plugin, you don’t need to be a genius in technical SEO. The default settings are easy to understand, and proper guidance from the configuration wizard is enough to fulfill the smooth process. 

  • The first benefit is to improve your site content: Your content quality is important for this to work. It can only help to improve the existing content from better to best. Right from keywords to readability, everything should be crisp to the point.
  • A second most important feature that improves your content is highlighting the key phrase when optimized efficiently, ranking your content. The last and most important feature which I personally love is readability. It provides you feedback on content readability, giving you scope for future improvements concerning your writing style.


Elementor is your go-to plugin to build a premium-looking WordPress site from scratch.  If you’re looking to enhance your website design, consider installing Elementor’s free version. However, if you want to get that professional touch to your site, I recommend you take a Pro version. 

It empowers you to improve your site loading speed, get eye-catch elements that you may use to give call-to-action buttons. Some people have also utilized them to get better conversion rates and high sales turnover. 

  • The primary benefit is to let you tailor your theme as per your business requirement. 
  • You can get the liberty to design your header, footer, posts, and other web pages. 
  • To build your theme, you do not require any PHP developer; you can entirely design your website design faster without any coding.
  • To get any professional templates, forms, animated sliders, or headlines, try using Elementor. 

WP Rocket:

It is one of the premium caching tools that many WordPress experts use. WP Rocket provides you with unique features that can benefit both experts and entry-level individuals. You can find a broad range of features to help your website look and perform better than the competitors. Let’s look at its excellent benefits:

  • It can boost your SEO performance by replacing the slow speed with high-loading web pages.
  • Ensure smooth navigation that can decrease the bounce rate.
  • Check for desktop and mobile optimization.
  • By default, it stores few files at the user’s computer
  • It also supports themes from other plugins, themes, and hosting
  • Woo Commerce Cache

Plugins are necessary for easing the functionality of your WordPress website build from scratch using WordPress website builder. By following the above steps, you can feasibly install and use excellent WordPress plugins. However, for developing any small website, our expert team uses WordPress for making such websites and complete your project before the deadline using our web design services. I hope this step-by-step “how-to” guide will help you learn and excel in your online marketing skills. Happy Blogging!

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