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WhatsApp latest update: view once feature


WhatsApp latest update: view once feature

WhatsApp latest update: view once feature!

WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook has rolled out its latest feature called the view once feature in which the photo or video sent by the user is permanently deleted and does not get stored in the device. Just like it’s another latest update enabling a user to send messages that can be automatically delete post viewing.

This feature was rolled out in the latest update of WhatsApp which is available for android users as well as IOS users this feature enables you to share confidential files with trusted ones which would be deleted after being viewed once.

The newest feature enables the sender to know whether the person to whom the image is sent has opened the image or not. If the image or video sent on this feature is not opened for 14 days, then the photo or the video automatically gets permanently deleted from the device

Though this feature was initially introduced by Snapchat which was later adopted by Instagram which is owned by Facebook, now it is also available on WhatsApp since the Latest update. This feature is very user friendly and convenient to use which will save the memory of the device and share any kind of personal message.

How to use this feature?

It's a very convenient and easy to use the feature wherein if you want the receiver to view the photo or a video once, then the sender must select the option of view once before sending the image or video to the recipient and then send the desired photo or video to the person you desire to send.

When the other person receives the photo or video and opens it, the sender gets an alert the photo or video sent to the recipient is viewed. If the other person doesn’t open the photo or video for 14 days, it automatically gets deleted from the device.

Benefit of the latest update

WhatsApp has stated that just like personal messages and calls, view once photo and video will be protected with their end-to-end encryption security. So, only the sender and the receiver of the media can view it. Media send via this feature will appear in a new once viewed icon. After the photo or video is opened it will appear as open. This new feature is available for use from this week.

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